Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quiet Partner II

So, I was sitting here in the kitchen at the laptop as our office is still a jumble of desk parts all over the floor. For the time being, the kitchen is the office. Oh joy. I cooked a nice dinner (first in the new house), pork loin steaks, rice noodles with a totally yummy Asian sauce (Update: found and linked! will have to see if I can put my hands on the actual recipe and post it) and frozen peas. Hey, when I go all out, I go all out (haha, frozen peas ... but I love them and they are technically a vege)! So, after the nice dinner, I tidied up the kitchen and started the NEW and totally beautiful dishwasher (oh my, it is SO purty!). Sitting here for awhile, reading blogs and basically lolly-gagging as I didn't want to open yet another box. When I realized I never heard the dishwasher running. Rats! I must have not actually pushed all the right buttons to start it (serious learning curve on this thing). So I look over, it's on the dry cycle. Hmmm, but I never heard it. So, I opened the door ... nice shiny clean dishes. Talk about quiet. I am in love!

P.S. Remember when we were kids and folks on game shows got SO excited when they won a new dining room set or a new stove? Now I get it.

EDIT: I started a Q&D Blog for my recipes: Kiy's Recipe Box


Lythrum said...

Our house that we left in NC had some older appliances, and of course living in base housing previously I know what it's like to have old stuff. I love the appliances in our new house, except for the crappy washer and dryer we bought when we got here. I guess everything can't go perfect. Glad to hear about your new partner. ;)

Serdic said...

My dishwasher makes a lot of noise... like it's your turn to do the dishes!

Kiy said...

Hey you two! Yep, I am a happy gal with this one, first new d/w ever! Make you both a deal, come visit (and bring your "other" halves), I will cook and let you do the dishes! < halo smilie >