Monday, July 23, 2007

20 Months

Today is our 20-month anniversary of being 'logged in' with the Chinese government for our adoption. This date is a pretty big deal and it has been a date that I watch, each and every month. It's so hard, to not wish your life away. But each month that passes that we do not receive our referral is pretty hard. We when turned our paperwork into our agency, we thought (had been told) that the wait from paperwork to referral was about six months. We had no idea that there was a slow-down going on at all, until months later. Then, fortunately, I found the Rumor Queen site. I have no idea where/how I learned about her, but every day I am thankful. If not for RQ, Jeff and I would have no idea why we are still waiting (not that we really do, even now).

We are getting pretty close, finally. We should hear from our agency about ou
r referral in September-November time frame. There is one amazing rumor out there that would have us receiving our referral in August, but that’s one of those “if it’s too good to be true” kind of rumors. Last month the CCAA (China Center of Adoption Affairs) referred families that had their dossiers logged in through November 14th. That is only nine short days from our date, but they are actually pretty big dates. The 22nd is one of THE largest LID’s for the past several years. Our LID is also a pretty big one. So, realistically, we are hoping for September, maybe October. We shall see. (BTW, for those who are not living/breathing Chinese International Adoption travel to China (and our child!) is typically 6-8 weeks after referral.)

The one thing that that is helping me right now is that finally (finally!!) we are going to set up the nursery. When we realized the wait was extending, we decided to wait a bit. (Good thing, as we have lived in three different homes since sending in our dossier.) I have done a bit of ‘retail therapy’ now and again. Nothing huge; no furniture or gear has been purchased just a few books, a couple of toys, some clothes. That’s about it. Now that we are settled in a house that we are never ever moving from (ugh, anyone want to unpack a box or ten?), I am ready to pick out paint colors, buy a crib (oh gosh! a crib … it’s starting to feel real!), and start setting up her room. I was in Target last week to pick up some things for the new house and my cart accidentally found it’s way into the baby section. Other than being a tad overwhelmed (the choices in bottles alone is staggering), I actually started thinking that the time to start making selections and purchases is upon us. I still really want to get the rest of the house set up first, saving her room to decorate as our “prize”, but I am not sure I will be able to wait. Plus, if we really do receive our referral in August, we may not be able to.

I have been asked by several people if we are registered anywhere. Well, sort of. I had registries that were more “don’t forget to get these things” lists for myself (those that know me well know my love of lists!). But I went back and fine tuned those registries. I still have two car seats on one of them, they are the same except for the cover. I still can’t decide (no surprises there). I will put links to the sites where we are registered below all the other links (look at the left hand side of this page, towards the bottom) for those that want them. I don’t want them at the top, as I don’t want to make this a big deal, keep it low key. But a really good friend told me that since we were living so far away she wanted to have fun and pick out a few goodies for us. Totally sweet (sniffle), so I told her I’d post some links. No one place (on-line) had everything I was looking at (and I tried!).

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Lythrum said...

I'm glad to hear that it's getting closer, knock on a sylvan's head. :) Retail therapy is awesome, I've been practicing that myself. At first I made myself wait until I was a little further along, "just in case", but now it's getting to the action point. A little scary and intimidating but so much fun. Best of luck on an early answer. :)

Kiy said...

Hey, thanks for the visit. That retail therapy is good stuff, need to drag Jeff into the store to look at cribs ... poor guy! Chat with you soon, cheers! :)