Sunday, July 15, 2007

Moving Weekend

In the fall of 2005, we moved from Japan to Albuquerque. Not a planned move, but move we did. At the time, we were lucky to find something in our price range. What we found was a two-year old home, very nice in a nice-enough neighborhood, but not necessarily in a great area. We sorta knew that at the time, but it was either that or buy a townhouse or rent an apartment. Looking back, well, looking back you always see what you "should have done". It was a pretty house, almost brand-spanking new, with more landscaping than the other houses in our neighborhood had. But still. Albuquerque. No (almost) rain. Desert conditions that would not support a lot of grass, trees, flowers.

So, instead of grass, 90% of our "lawn" was pretty-colored gravel and plants that could easily survive weeks without any water. Jeff liked it, as to mow our tiny piece of lawn in the backyard he was able to get one of those push mowers. No gas, Jeff powered! He could also do the whole lawn in about 5-1o minutes. Max also was able to enjoy grass for the first time in about five years (no yard at all in Japan) and I loved being able to sit outside in our backyard and look at grass and a couple of smallish trees. Perfect, but we decided we wanted more here.

"Here" is the Tri-Cities area of Washington. We found the perfect house for us. Lots of grass (poor Jeff, he's going to need a 'big-boy' mower) and lots and lots of trees. Gonna need a few rakes too! It needs some work, we knew that going into this. But we decided grass and trees with work on the house in an older neighborhood far outweighed no landscaping at all (or newly planted trees and seed-lawn) with no work on a new house/neighborhood. We love it, even though there have been moments of frustration (what move doesn't have that?). We are spending the weekend moving out of our "corporate rental" two-bedroom apartment. Compared to our last move, pure luxury as we lived (for the same 2 1/2 months) in a hotel suite. Fun, let me tell ya (or not!). But, we got through it, both times and finally moving. For the very-last-time. With any luck! We have decided that we are done moving. That this area is truly wonderful, beautiful with warm welcoming people living here.
We have found home.


Serdic said...

OMG! It's GRASS!!!!!!!! And it's green!

That's cool!

PS. Hi!

Kiy said...

Serd! P.S. Hi yourself. :)

Lythrum said...

Woot! Glad you found a nice house and got moved in so quickly. :) We stayed with friends for a month when we got here and were SO ready to have our own place. Cute blog name too, it sounds like me and Maw and our little ranger on the way :) I look forward to seeing more from you!