Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is Drew's birthday. I met Drew on a cold Saturday afternoon, at a bowling alley. He was this funny, shy little kid, seven years old and adorable as heck. Of course, it didn't hurt that I was already in love with his dad. I wasn't sure what I was getting in for, not sure if I was ready to be a step-mom. I had read everything I could get my hands on to prepare myself. But what it really ended up coming down to was loving him, making sure he knew that I wasn't going to try and take the place of his mom, and doing my best. I am sure I made mistakes, who doesn't, but the memories I have of his childhood are something I cherish. He may not be "my" child, but I love him like he is. I wonder if he knows that.

He is grown now. It's hard to realize that the years have gone by so quickly. I remember inviting him into the kitchen to cook with me, just so he'd eat something, anything! I remember the train trip he and I took, when his dad had to stay at home and work. He had the best time on that train, had the run of it and knew all the folks' names that worked it ... and they knew him. I remember reading with him, and listening to him puttering with his Lego's. But my fondest memory is that first spring. I was still working at the Montessori school in DC, and Drew was with his dad for Spring Break. As it happened, that was my spring break week also. So a couple of the days that his dad needed to work, I volunteered to take Drew into DC on the subway. We were all over DC that week, not one museum we didn't see, and some we went back to a second time. He decided our schedule and worked hard to plan out what all he wanted to see and do. The city was his playground that week, and if he wanted to see it, we were going to! It ended up being a heck of a learning week for him, even though he didn't realize it. What that week did, was cement our relationship. I still look back and think of that week. Cherry blossoms to this day remind me of a seven year old kid, who had a smile that could charm (and often did).

All this is not to say that we didn't have our moments. He was a kid, and challenging sometimes. But he was a great kid, and has grown up to be a pretty amazing young man. It's not easy, being shuffled back and forth between families and I am sure there were times that he didn't want to change households. Fortunately, he and his dad had (and still have) a really great relationship and could talk pretty easily.

I am proud of him, what he has done (and is doing) with his life. He is in grad school now, working hard and enjoying his life. When it comes right down to it, isn't that what we all want for our kids, to be happy? His cousin is getting married in the fall, and we will be going back to Virginia for the wedding. The bonus, Drew will be there too and his dad and I will get to spend some time with him. I know that Jeff is really looking forward to that. So am I.


deputyswife said...

What a nice story. I have a step-daughter, I know it can be rough sometimes. We are in her early teenage years. Sometimes it leaves us (including her mother) scratching our heads. LOL!

Thanks for entering in my drawing! Also, good luck with your adoption process. I will keep checking back to see how it is going.

Revka said...

Kiy, did you get my e-mail telling you that you won the blog design giveaway at RS Designs? E-mail me at revka at designsbyrs dot com to get the ball rolling, please. :) Congrats!

Kiy said...

Deputyswife, thanks for the nice comments. Loved those drawings, what fun! :)

Hey Revka, have some internet issues atm, will email ya! :) BTW, yippee ... I won?? Awesome!