Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

First, a real quick catch-up to last week's sad picture. Emi is doing MUCH better. In fact, by Tuesday afternoon she was pretty much back to her old self - terrorizing me (and the dog), running wild and a happy girl. I didn't take her to school as I thought she needed that extra day, but by Wednesday this gal was ready to roll! We dressed her up and off she went. There was no stopping her as it was her Easter Party. I have to say, if anyone is in the greater Aiken (SC) area and is looking for an awesome Mother's Morning Out program, this is THE place. Trinity UMC Preschool. Warming, loving, nurturing - exactly the perfect first experience for school anyone wants for their child. Emi loved it from the very first moment, but they are so wonderful (and SO gentle) with the ones that aren't so sure ... I am amazed at what I see there. GREAT school!

After the egg hunt at school (Wednesday), rehiding the eggs and finding them. We played this for well over an hour! I'm thinking Emi might get more of a kick from eggs than Santa gifts. Maybe instead of under the tree, he should hide the presents. EB is a hard act to follow in our house!

More pictures! I just can't resist these - look how much older she looks with her hair up in a 'pony' (sob, sniffle!) - with most of it falling down, haha! Plus, the fact that the grand's and a special aunt/uncle combo had to miss Easter this year, so they need *extra* pictures!

My fav's from this series:

(This is Friday ... no sleeves! yes shorts! Oh, and Jeff checked the weather back in Washington ... highs in the low 50's, lows in the LOW 30's and extreme winds all day long ... 20-30 mph. Gosh, I sure don't miss all that. Especially with the simply gorgeous weather we are having right now!)

With no family within a reasonable drive for a short weekend, we are home - hanging out, just the three of us (and Max - who doesn't get the whole egg thing at all). But, Jeff and I spent so many years waiting for this ... that's just fine. We did the egg and goodie hunt this morning, and OH! THE! FUN! Emi had a blast, and enjoyed every moment. We didn't do 'real' eggs. We were going to, as I broke down yesterday and decided to boil some eggs (but, that's fodder for another post ... coming soon!). Let's just leave it right now with what worked: stuffing plastic eggs with chocolate, pennies and trinkets. Here's a few from this morning. We have plans to hide some this afternoon outside and get more pictures (yeah, imagine that!).

Feeding the pig ~ That's a whole lotta eggs!
(EB brought a stuffed bunny and a piggy bank!)

Finding more ~ Another one found!

Easter Menu: So, what is everyone doing? On our menu this year, Jaden Hair's Easter Ham with Mango-Ginger Glaze. Well, except I can't leave any recipe alone. We aren't huge mango fans (I know! odd!) so we are using apricot (I know! we like apricots and not mangos? odd!). But, you can't ask for an easier recipe (6 ingredients), love that! We are also going simple for the rest of the meal. Rice in the steamer, acorn squash (in the microwave), rolls, and pumpkin cake (yeah, odd - what can I tell you, we really really like pumpkin!). That's it food-wise, I am determined to spend the day (woooohooo, outside!) with Emi and Jeff.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, spending it just the way that's perfect for you and your family.


Aunt LoLo said...

Your easter sounds perfect!!! The EB made a visit to our house a week ago...and today we're just chilling. Heh. We had brunch with friends this morning, and are now relaxing at home! (It's General Conference weekend for us, so church is online. Weird that it happened to fall on Easter this year...but...whatev. ;-) Picture thousands of Mormons, worldwide, in their PJs, eating chocolate and listening to conference online...on Easter. *grin*)

Lythrum said...

Looks like you had a great Easter. I'm glad to see that Emi is doing better, we were worried. :) We are going to Missouri the last weekend of April, but other than that we should be around. :)

Jeff and Amy said...

Love all the photos, Emi is just adorable!!! Looks like a wonderful Easter celebration