Sunday, February 28, 2010

Many Thanks and Catching Up

To say I am behind in emails and blog posting would be an understatement. Typical of me I know, but as much as I miss blogging I am so loving spending time with Miss Emi these days (not that I didn't enjoy my days with her before, but three is SO fun!).

I did want to send out big thanks to everyone who left comments and emailed me with ideas for Chinese New Year activities. Sadly, inserting her into a classroom full of kids had Emi catching EVERY germ under the sun. The little gal that was rarely sick the last two years ... can't get well! She has missed more school the month of February than she attended (which frustrates her beyond reason - which I can attest to, since I have been at the receiving end of it!). She missed bringing treats for her birthday (not that she knew she missed it, thank goodness), missed her Valentine's Party at school and she missed the week that we were going to bring in activities and treats for Chinese New Year (heck, I never even got a chance to chat with the teachers about doing it!). Next year, I am hoping, we will be able to. And now, oh now!, I have so many ideas. Thank you, everyone!

Emi's language is bursting at the seams (finally, poor gal!) and she is just full of happiness and joy, simply brimming over. Oh sure, we are still having "Emi moments" as we call them, but they aren't over frustration in communication (or, to a lesser extent) as much as she wants it her way ... and her way now, thankyouverymuch! We are also, sadly, back to diapers. Not even pull-ups, diapers. NO PANTIES, is what I hear often, so I have completely backed off. She will still happily sit on the potty chair, and even chooses often to sit on "Mama's potty" instead of her own little one. But no panties. She and I have been talking about our upcoming trip next week and she says no diapers for that. Just panties and Dora panties (pull-ups). We shall see, but gosh it would be great to get rid of the diapers once and for all. But, we are trying to let her set the pace and not push so for now, diapers with the potty chair. Whatever works!

More often than not she wakes happy, spending her days extremely busily. She is attending a Mother's Morning Out program on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and on her off mornings we are doing "class time" (not to be confused with "school"). I have set up a little bookshelf in a corner of the great room with a few things for her to work on. She takes this work very seriously, and asks for it every morning.

Emi is still loving TV, with her fav right now being Chuggington, with her favorite being Pete. Emi, is still all about trains! She still loves Little Bear (thank goodness, LB is *my* fav, lol!), Little Einsteins (well, Rocket and June), Moose and Zee on NickJr, Kai-Lan (which she calls Ni Hao), Max and Ruby, with some Dora and Diego tossed in now and again. She also really loved UmiZoomi (on Disney, I think) until she discovered Chuggington. Now, that's really her first choice.

With the mild days we (typically) have here in SC (what a difference from Washington!), she and I are outside more and more. She has three little ride-on things, plus she's discovered the joys of sidewalk chalk! With the amount of rain we get here, she always has a fresh clean 'canvas' on the next nice day.

Speaking of South Carolina, I do think we are all settling in well here. It's been a change, a bigger change than I think Jeff and I were expecting, but a good one. We think we are here, if maybe not forever, for a good long while. We've learned, never say never, but I think we've had our fill of moving for many years. Add to the fact that (almost) everyone we love and hold dear is within driving distance. That's a far cry difference than while in NM and WA where NO ONE was in driving distance. We will take it!

I am SO behind in posting pictures. I have a ton to post, so as I have time expect to see heavy picture-laden posts with few words.

Here's a few for now ('cause we all know, it's all about the cute!).

Enjoying a rare, very mild!, January evening. Danger Girl still lives here!


~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Glad you guys are settling in - in the end it's all about family and the nearness no matter what else you want in life. Glad you have found that place.

The Source said...

Hi Kiy...looks like y'all have been very busy lately. I hadn't realized that Emi had a birthday! Please give her some late 3rd birthday hugs from us! Hope she feels better soon.

Magi said...

Loved the update. Emi is adorable like always. Good luck on the panties. I don't miss diapers at all! ;O)