Friday, December 4, 2009

Bullets and a Break

Yeah, I'm behind. So very behind. But, if you could see this place -literally covered in boxes- it would be understood. I'd take pic's but at this point there is no way to get them from the camera to the computer. Oh, and the computer .... is a shared laptop at the moment.

Here's what's being going on, in cheat form:
  • Finally (after much delay), closed on the house on November 19th
  • Actually got possession of the house (and the keys) mid-day on the 20th
  • My folks had driven down from Michigan (on the 17th - the day we were *supposed* to close) to help with the move out from the temp apartment and painting
  • Painting started three minutes after unlocking the front door
  • (Yeah, new house - already completely painted, but I was too cheap to pay the exorbitant $$$$ the builder wanted to change paint colors on two room. So, we - or rather dad with taping help from mom - painted. I Emi wrangled. Tell me who had the easier job? Emi wanted to HELP!)
  • New bed was delivered the afternoon of the 21st
  • We 'camped' in our new house with the new bed, Emi's tent and a coffee maker that evening
  • And never really moved back to the apartment (that I hated, and still do)
  • Painting finished the 21st
  • My folks left the 22nd, so they could host Thanksgiving dinner at their house (1.5 day drive - quick bake and cook, got everything done in time!)
  • We continued to move things over from the apartment Sunday and Monday
  • Tuesday our household goods arrived {main shipment of about a gazillion boxes, our furniture and Emi's toys (let's get real, THE most important of the stuff)}
  • The rest of the week was spent finding stuff, unpacking and trying to decide where to put everything
  • Needless to say, it still seems like we have a gazillion boxes - and I've unpacked a ton!
  • Thanksgiving, Emi and I went back to the apartment (we had it through Friday, even though we weren't technically there - more like in and out, getting our stuff and cleaning)
  • We watched the Macy's parade (she loved it!) and then Jeff picked us up to go to lunch/dinner
  • Yes, we went out - I couldn't find a thing in which to make Thanksgiving dinner IN! Next year I will do better. Promise.
  • And that leads us to this week: more unpacking, more putting away, more finding treasures almost forgotten
  • Emi has loved and exclaimed over finding her things in boxes
  • Hers were the first to be opened!
  • This is the LAST time we are moving - no, really, I mean it this time
  • I love our house - I love it even more than our apartment in Japan (which was my fav home up to this point)
  • As soon as Jeff has the office set up, and all the computers hooked up and such I will have to take a photo tour of our house, boxes and all
  • Until then, happy blogging my friends
  • Back, probably after the first of the year - unless I get this place pulled together before then (don't hold your breath!)
Oh, here are a few (really bad) photos I took of the house with the BlackBerry while they were still building it, but mostly finished. Yikes, they are back. Feel free to look away.

(1) The great room, fireplace, door to Emi and Max's new domain (aka: the backyard)
(2) The light over the dining room table, no reason for the pic except that I love love love this light

(3) My second most fav thing in the house, and the light that had me completely changing
all the other lighting I had already chosen. Yeah, the gal at the lighting place
must have loved me - but so worth it. Love it. (Task light over the kitchen sink.)

(4) My most fav thing in the house (the kidlet, not the tub - although the tub rocks also)

(Note: I am pretty fond of Jeff too!)

(5) Kitchen looking to eat-in area
(6) Kitchen (sans appliances) looking to formal dining room that we turned
into Emi's second fav spot in the house (after the backyard): her playroom

More pics coming, hopefully soon. Stay tuned!


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Congrats on at least getting moved into the house -- even if you aren't unpacked.

Magi said...

House looks gorgeous! I am so jealous. Take your time, settle in, we're not going anywhere.

Lythrum said...

It's crazy how much your house looks like ours, our fireplaces are almost identical. :) I'll have to send pictures. We turned our formal dining room into Rowan's playroom too, her new train table takes up most of it. :) I know what you mean about last moves, I'll be hard pressed to move again.

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

My friend have fun unpacking and watching Emi enjoy the holidays. I look forward to seeing lots of fun holiday pictures!

Debbie and Sam said...

from the few photos, it looks beautiful. Enjoy making memories in your new home.

AlliE said...

Wow! Nice place!

Have a VERY merry Christmas in your new home! Talk to you in the New Year!

Maddys Mom said...

Your new house looks beautiful! Hope you guys get settled in & back to a little normalcy.

Aunt LoLo said...

LOVE it! I'm so behind - I hadn't even seen this post before today!

The house looks just perfect for Emi to run around in!!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Yipee! I am so envious of the fireplace... especially since it was 7 degrees outside when I woke up this morning. The house looks wonderful. Time for me to start packing.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Congrats on the new house! The husband would love those walls - he's addicted to yellow paint.