Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun at the Public Health Department

Yes, I am terribly behind. Yes, I owe emails. Sooner or later life has to slow down, right? (It's okay, tell me it will - I am gullible and I will believe you.)

So, I had to share this because, frankly, I am still flabbergasted that ALL this happened to us in the span of about 3 hours. However, it's quite long - even with lots of editing - grab a cup of coffee or something!

Our area has very (very) limited quantities of the H1N1 vaccine. Jeff and I feel very strongly in favor of getting this vaccine (and yes, all the other vaccines available). That's our opinion and I realize it's not every ones.

This week we had a window of opportunity, Monday and Tuesday from 3 - 8 p.m. Yeah, that's it. So I loaded up Emi at 2:15 so we could go and stand in line. At the public health department. In a parking lot ... with a toddler. Fun times. We finally made it in around 5pm - yes, it was a long wait, but worth it. Well, for the vaccine, not for the extra hassle I wasn't expecting.

Hassle #1: We'd been in line about an hour. Emi had charmed many folks around us, smiling and jumping and (trying) to run around (it was a parking lot, it was a nightmare of safety concerns). At that point a woman in line well in front of us saw Emi and stormed back to where we were in line. And went off on me. Basically said that this child (said with a sneer) wasn't even American and was trying to take a shot away from a real American. I informed her that yes, Emi is an American. Woman demanded to know where the child was born (same sneer). At this point, I stopped. Well, truth be told, I never started. I refuse to have conversations with irrational people, and she was ranting and raving (heck, I expected her to start foaming at the mouth at any moment). Also, by now, this woman yelling at me upset Emi to no end. Emi was a mess, crying and holding onto me for dear life. I informed this woman it was none of her business where my child was born, that I'd taken all I was going to from her and to get away from me and MY CHILD. She started all over again. When she stopped to take a breath, I told her if she didn't get away from me, I was going to call 911. At that point, one of the gentlemen standing a ways behind us stepped in and told this woman to move along. That I had asked her, nicely, to move away from me and that if she didn't HE was going to call 911. A couple of other folks also got involved, all agreeing with him (and me). So she got mad(er) and said she was going to go up to the office and complain. Whatever.

The woman in charge of handing out forms told Lunatic Woman that they didn't care where a person was born, or even if they are American. As long as someone legally lives in the state of SC and fits under the guidelines, that they are eligible for the vaccine. Lunatic Woman was even more upset at that. Tried working the crowd, telling them that this child was taking a vaccine that was meant for their child. I have to say that no one else jumped in and agreed with her. From what I could see, they all thought she had lost her mind.

Yeah, fun times.

(BTW, Emi did calm down and at some point went back to her happy self. And I am pleased to say that those around us made sure that Lunatic Woman did not get close to Emi or me again. Some people actually barred her way by continuing to step in her way.)

And no, the fun doesn't end there.

Hassle #2: We finally, finally, get up to where we were inside the building and next (thank goodness) in line. The nurse directing people as to the (next, sigh) line to get into said that didn't she just see this little girl last week? Me, thinking she must have seen us at Target or something said it's possible, we were out and about a lot last week. She said no, last Saturday at the clinic. Didn't she give Emi the H1N1 shot on Saturday? I have to admit, I just looked at her. I said no, this was our first attempt at getting the vaccine. She got pretty snotty (no better word for it) and said no, that she was SURE she had given Emi the shot on Saturday. I told her that (1) I wouldn't give my child the same vaccine twice in three days, (2) I had just spent almost three hours waiting for this one and frankly I have better things to do with my time than stand in line, over and over, for no reason and (3) Emi is 2.5 and doesn't need the shot, she was there for the mist. She was still insistent. Mad, I finally said NO she DIDN'T and that I wanted someone else to administer the mist to my child. Someone else finally (geez people, it's not like this woman was saying all of this quietly) finally came over and took me to the table to get Emi's mist.

And, that's the story of our afternoon. Frankly, by this time I was beginning to wonder if just getting the swine flu would have been easier!

I do have news on the house, that I will save for later in the week. But, we have found a house and hope to move in, in the next 2-3 weeks!


Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

Wow. The only time I've ever heard of people acting like that was from my Mother. I had clubbed feet when I was a baby and at the time, the treatment was to cast the child's legs to straighten the bones out. So, I had casts on both my legs at 6 months. Some woman went off on my mother in a grocery store accusing her of beating me up and breaking my legs, and REFUSED to give her the chance to explain. My mom left the store crying. Stupid people.

I can't believe that someone would act that way. Or deny any child something like this. You should know that people like that are the minority, and not the majority. I know, it doesn't really help, but try not to take it personally. I would have been one of the ones telling Luny Lady to take a hike. Preferably across a busy highway.


Laura L. said...

Hi. I haven't stopped by for a while. All I can say is "Oh.My.Goodness" that is horrible! I cannot believe the nerve of the lunatic woman in the line.
As a mom of a Chinese child, that makes me both mad and sad. That has to be one of the worst things I've ever heard. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
May all of your days be much better than that one. Wow.

Magi said...

I cannot believe you had to deal with one, let alone two, people like that. I am so sorry.

I'm glad you got her vaccinated though. Sera was scheduled to get it yesterday on the 2nd. That was the first day she was eligible, but she got H1N1 last week, and I came down with it over the weekend. It's good to avoid it.

Can't wait to hear about the house!

Cristina said...

Oh kiy!!! You poor thing. What a grade A jerk that loony was. I am so glad that the other people there stuck up for you. What a fruitloop.... Hugs xxxx

Lythrum said...


That's all that I can say. I can't believe that someone that idiotic and threatening was allowed to remain there. And the idiocy of the employee there. Must have been the full moon. ^_^

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh my goodness! I so wish you were kidding. That's UNBELIEVABLE. 1) she was ahead of you in line. If anyone's taking a vaccine from anyone else it's (possibly) her. 2) she's a freaking crazy head, and I would be p**sed as all get out. Pretty sure I would have cried...I do that.

Ok, I'm not trying to rile you up again, but SHEESH. I'm really, really, really sorry Mama. And if I lived in SC, I would have made you come over and eat brownies. 'cause that's just what you do.

Maddys Mom said...

Oh Kiy, what a horrible thing to go thru! I am glad in the end Emi got the vaccine, but what an awful ordeal. I commend you for staying calm I'm afraid of what I may done to either of them.

Gina (Caleeo) said...

I read this a few days ago and am still just flabbergasted and simply cannot find the right words to say. It is devastating that someone could be so mean and awful and still be allowed to walk on this earth and that you had to encounter them. Does it help at all to know that she is a horribly unhappy person with no friends and that even her family members hate her? If so, then I am sure it is true.

Hugs my friend. Lots and lots of people love you, Emi and Jeff.