Friday, October 2, 2009

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

If anyone is looking for ideas for this weekend's Moon Festival, Tonggu Momma has a great post up at Grown in My Heart. Very worth the read.

We probably won't be doing much this year, with the move and still trying to get our feet under us. But we will watch the moon (probably from inside - they grow HUGE mosquitoes here, wow!) and talk about Miss Emi's birthparents with her (age appropriate and attention span leading the way), chat a bit about China and her story (I think it would also be a perfect tie-in to use her lifebook here when talking about her birthparents - that is, if I had it done - yeah, it's on my to do list, really it is). I'd love to attempt chatting about the Moon Festival, but I think we may need to give that another year (or two). Guess we will play that one by year. I wish I had remembered to keep more of our special Chinese celebrations books out of the packing, to bring with us. Specifically, Moonbeams, Dumplings & Dragon Boats. It would have been great to read the chapter in there about the Moon Festival and even attempt the cookies TM talks about. Ah well, next year for sure.

We really need to get a handle on doing something on special Chinese holidays, but there is no way that whatever we do can ever take the place of what her experience would have been had she grown up in China. All we can do is to do our best. And we do, every single day.


~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Wait... it was your birthday last weekend? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

n*stitches said...

You are a great mom to take the time and share your daughter's own personal history with her!

britcanadagal said...

It was nice meeting you in person Kiy at B&A's wedding! Hopefully we can stay in touch!