Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nebraska and Missouri

When I left off, we were in Nebraska, heading to Missouri. We did indeed get to Missouri on Thursday, just not as far as we were hoping. Our goal had been St. Louis, specifically, meeting up with Gina and family but alas, it was not to be this trip. We made it as far as Columbiana (Columbia? something like that - my memory is shot!) but we knew we'd never make St. Louis so called it a day there. Nice enough hotel, just not right off the highway as we were hoping.

Friday we tried to get an earlier start, but as usual we didn't - although earlier than most days! We knew we were going to hit Memphis today (or else, I told Jeff) and we were all looking forward to two full days of NOT being in the car. I think that made the drive so much better. We hit rainstorm after rainstorm that day, but we just kept going! I forgot to take pictures, but we ended up stopping for a diaper change in a small town - that had lost all power. We changed the diaper, walked Max and .... jumped in mud puddles. Emi had the best time, even though she was wet clear through! So, after yet another diaper change (this time because of wetness outside the diaper), we dried off and climbed back into the car.

We hit Memphis in the middle of a down pouring of rain. I realized on this trip, and it was sincerely hit home in Memphis, I've gotten spoiled living in a city where there is no real traffic. What a wuss I've become. I used to zip around DC's beltway like nothing, now ... I inch along and am super super careful (not that I wasn't careful before). I think it has a lot to do with the ultra precious cargo that we have in our car now that we didn't have then (smile).

Speaking of ultra precious cargo ... I did get some pictures!

This was at the hotel in MO. I wanted to get a picture of Emi and Max together, she wanted one with all the animals in the photo (guess who won? yeah, story of my life these days - smile). Bear, Gwen the Unicorn, and Donkey (that we bought in Wyoming). Now that I think of it, he doesn't yet have a name, guess we will just call him Donkey - like in Shrek!

These were taken in the car somewhere in Missouri. The lap tray works well for some things, but not for others. Putting the webbing behind the car seat is the way to go. Putting it around the child's back is SO not. I can see where it would be uncomfortable and this really seems to be more stable. Also, easier to get on and off while the car is in motion. We don't always snap the side buckle closer to the door (as it's hard to reach while we are strapped in our own seat belts) but it doesn't really seem to matter all that much. Hey Gina, recognize the book? It's the ONLY book she wanted in the car the entire trip. If I count another dratted ladybug ....! (Haha, just kidding - mostly.)

And, this picture is for my mom. We stopped somewhere in MO for lunch - at a Steak and Shake. Mom loves that place, so I knew we had to stop there. Also, since we were there we had to get a shake - to share (hey, at least we only ordered one!). Yeah, as can be seen by the photo, Emi didn't like that shake at all. HA! We were lucky to get any of it. I can't remember what she ate that day for lunch, but it probably consisted of french fries and chocolate shake for the most part. Ah well, not every meal is going to be the perfect pyramid!

I think I have photos of our time in Memphis. Well, take that back, I have a very few but we did get the camera out now and then. But that, is another post.



Gina (Caleeo) said...

Funny that the ladybug book is a favorite! I too have counted ladybugs more times than I have ever dreamed possible.

Mmmmmmm, Steak -n- Shake - we went a couple weeks ago and Olivia was introduced to chocolate shake which we were to share. After discovering the pure unadulterated joy, she took the shake and put it on the window sill as far away from me as she could and told me that I could not have any more because I was too messy.

The Source said...

So happy we got to met you and Emi today! She's absolutely adorable. Good luck with your house hunting, and look forward to talking to you soon.