Thursday, September 17, 2009

Travel Log

Nothing special to report, but I want to keep details of our trip fresh in my mind. So here is where it goes!

Monday we did indeed finish Idaho AND Utah! We just got into Wyoming, but were pretty happy to get that far. We ran into rain and construction (in the dark) and it was pretty slow going for the last few hours of the drive. We were very happy to make it to the hotel that night, but it took it's toll and we didn't get on the road as early Tuesday as we'd hoped.

Tuesday we did all the rest of Wyoming and got into Nebraska. Wednesday all we did was Nebraska! I knew Nebraska was a long state, but wow, driving through it adds new meaning to the word long. Today we will finish Nebraska and make our way into Missouri. We hope to make St. Louis by nightfall and stay near there tonight, but we think we will fall just short of that. Our plan is to arrive in the Memphis, TN area Friday evening. We had hoped for late afternoon, but aren't sure that's going to happen. There seems to be far more road construction than we expected this time of year, which at times slows us to a snail's pace.

We took some cool pictures yesterday on the Blackberry but still haven't tried Magi's idea for posting from that yet. With any luck, we will have time to set that up today.

Cheers for now ....

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Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

progress! yay! I'm glad this post wasn't full of "crying for hours on end drives you crazy!" yay!

One more sleep till we leave on our trip!