Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Update: Some of the photos from today are finally up. I don't think I realized how fast Emi was moving, not as many clear photos as one would hope, but I guess that means she was having fun!

Happy Easter!

We had a delightful morning, sharing with Emi the fun of hunting eggs and baskets and goodies. Moments like this is what I was waiting for, what I was looking forward to, in raising a family.

It took some time for her to get the whole finding of the eggs (she had forgotten from last year). But after being lead to the first one or two and the excitement of the hunt caught on, she was tickled pink. Instead of carrying the empty basket along with her to collect the eggs she left it on the ottoman and would run to it to drop off her findings. A whirling dervish, caught up in the hunt. After finding them all, she then proceeded to open each, oohing and aahing (and a bit of sampling) of the goodies. She enjoyed the little paper book with the pencils and stickers, the necklace (love the bling) and the fingernail polish (I had forgotten I had this) that we will paint her toenails with later today for the very first time. The puzzle and the train were also huge hits, in fact she is right this minute playing with both. She has already rehid the eggs (for herself), and found them. Delighting again at the find.

It's been a wonderful, laid back morning. Exactly us, as we are laid back kind of folks.

I hope everyone had as wonderful a morning as we. Celebrating Easter and Spring in your own way.

Easter Basket & train ~ finding puzzle

Finding eggs and running them to the egg basket


amy said...

Happy Easter, glad you are havinng a good day..cant wait to see pics

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Have a wonderful Easter. I can't wait to see the pictures.

*laugh* you reminded me of my niece when she was about 2. All the bigger kids were finding all the eggs and candy quickly, but there were a few left more obvious to her. She couldn't figure out what all the hurry was about so she stopped and cracked open each egg as she found it and ate it right there. It wasn't until after about 3 eggs that the adults realized what she was doing.

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Happy Easter! I too am looking forward to the pictures!

I gotta tell ya - nail polish has been a disaster around here. Actually yesterday, I cut Olivia off completely after she said purple, so the left toenails get purple, then she starts demanding pink. When I say "no, you chose purple" she gets mad, crawls off, rubs all the polish on the carpet and causes me to spill the polish remover. Good times - not! So, the polish, et al is now hidden in the closet until she turns 12.

Barbara said...

Sounds like you had a lovely morning! I can imagine the fun Emi must have had :) We had a lovely relaxing Easter, thoroughly enjoyable!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy Easter, y'all! And - I have to say - the holidays were the hardest to get through when I longed for a child. We are so blessed, aren't we?

Controlling My Chaos said...

Your Easter sounds like it was lovely.

Magi said...

Sounds like you had a perfect Easter.

On the photo thing, just wait. The next thing you'll hear is mommy take a picture when you don't even have a camera out. I get that all the time.

We had candy in most of our plastic eggs. The gold ones had a dollar bill and the big gold one had a $5.00 bill. It's funny how even the youngest understood that money was good.

Jeff and Amy said...

Sounds like a wonderful Easter, we missed the Easter Egg hunt since we were gone but hoping to have one this weekend if I am feeling better had a little mishap after getting home from vacation but doing fine:(