Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs

Update: I forgot some of the things I found for her basket. Scroll down to the ** if you've already read this post!

So, what to do with them? We did not (and are not going to) color eggs again this year. The thought of doing that with Danger Girl frightens me. However, I am hoping to be able to do it next year. What we will do is what we did last year, hide the plastic cheapy ones. She got a huge kick out of it last year, so much so that we had to keep hiding them and finding them for days. We didn't put anything in them last year, but I am thinking that would be pretty cool this year.

And, here we come to the reason for the post. What to put in them? I would love to have suggestions! I did buy some little stickers, but I am not sure if they will fit into the eggs. If not, I will tuck them into her basket. I bought a small handful of those tiny little M&Ms (in the bulk food section at the grocery store). A bit (key: A BIT) of chocolate will be a treat. I also bought a bag of those miniature marshmallows in pastel colors. I thought they would be fun and a bit different, and she's never had marshmallows before so it should be quite the experience. But, that's it. I'd love a couple more ideas, but I am fresh out (specifically non-food items).

Into the basket will NOT be a chocolate bunny. Call us mean old parents, but at least we aren't completely off our rockers (hahaha, get it? I slay me!). The year will come that one is added. When she understands that one doesn't eat the entire bunny in one sitting. Before breakfast.

** Updated - I forgot I had a small package of mini chocolate chip cookies and another of tiny bite sized granola things (like the technical term?). I could use those inside the eggs, if need be. But the idea was to stash them in her basket as then they could be one-shot eating (pick one to open, kind of thing). I wanted a selection of goodies, but not a ton - so small packages or just a few tidbits per egg is the plan. I also found pretty spring colored pencils and a journal type thing. Not that she's writing (!!) but she loves to scribble right now and it's another quiet time activity so I thought new pencils and a notebook would be cool - also to tie into the stickers.

We do have a couple of puzzles (yep, more M&D) and instead of a stuffed bunny (we have too many stuffed animals!) I picked up the Little People Tow 'n Pull Tractor. Wow, well if anyone is looking for that - Target has it for almost $3 less, heck even Amazon does too and yet another wow - the FP web site even has it cheaper but you'd have to pay shipping. Yet another reason I rarely shop at TRU. Okay, I got side-tracked. :)

I meant to plan ahead better, had wanted the cute little Easter train that FP put out but kept thinking Easter was coming. Ha. Easter is here! But I've been eyeing this tractor for quite awhile and know she will love it (her fav LP things tend to be with wheels).

The plan had been to get her one of these cool cameras, I even had it all picked out ... then forgot to order it in time (and yes, we are aware that they do not take the greatest pictures - it won't matter to Emi right now). So, that will come later. Emi is really into camera's right now. When I was struggling to get Emi to look at me/the camera, Magi had this great tip: take Emi's picture and then show it to her in the viewer. Well, that was magic and it works. Except, too well. Now if she sees the camera we must take pictures RIGHT NOW and LOTS OF THEM. Yep, nothing in moderation for our gal. In fact, for your viewing pleasure, here are Emi selected photos (Emi points at what she wants me to take a photo of):

Emi's car ~ Emi's shoe ~ FP Airplane and toys

It's easy to see the things that are important to Emi. :)


Esther's mom said...

"Danger Girl" made me chuckle!

Barbara said...

Those stickers might end up all over the house if you don't give her a special book to put them in... temporary tattoo, erasers (did you have the really awesome ones in japan that smelled like bubble gum or strawberries... oh I miss Sanrio!), chalk, oooooo she likes puzzles, maybe find one with smallish pieces and put one in each egg and the empty puzzle in her basket (thinking of the wood ones with pieces that nest into a board).

Barbara said...

Ok... I see you got her puzzles... I got sidetracked and stopped at the italics... ooooops... just ignore my rambling...

Louanne said...

I can't comment on the Easter eggs since we don't do the whole basket and egg thing, but I think you have some good ideas.

I LOVE the photos that she wants you to take.

anymommy said...

Sounds lovely to me. I didn't grow up with Easter celebrations - but I take my kids to an egg hunt every year and they LOVE it. Have fun!

Allie and Hannah said...

Happy Easter to you all! Sorry
Kiy, I need to get you my address
Hope your all doing well!!!



Gina (Caleeo) said...

Didn't check in yesterday, so I am too late. But, that is probably okay, since I do not have any good ideas to add! One thing that was fun for O was some coins - she is really into money, so she enjoyed hearing it rattle around in the egg. Of course, it was completely overshadowed by the candy.

I bought that camera at Christmas time for Olivia and still have not given it to her. Maybe when we go on vacation.