Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cute Stuff

I haven't written a post about just Emi in awhile. After our silly after-nap-time episode the other day, I thought this was the perfect time for it.

Emi woke early from her nap (20-ish minutes). Usually they last an hour to sometimes (if the napping gods are smiling brightly) 1.5-2 hours. Twenty minutes, ugh on so many levels. When this happens I try to quietly scoop her up and tuck her in our bed (daddy's pillow!) and climb in with her. Not ideal, as I then get nothing done but this gal NEEDS her naps. Trust me, it's not pretty around here without them.

Today, I tried the trick but there was going to be no sleeping. She was completely tickled pink to be in our bed. She waited for me to climb in and then, it started. The giggles, the 'pretend snore' (that yes, she learned from me), the kisses, the nose rubbing (we called it Eskimo kisses when I was a kid, is there a new term?). Then came the pointing to her eyes, then mine. Noses, mouth, ears (both of them, thank you very much), hair, elbows, chin, fingers, etc. This is a huge game with her, we play it a lot. She can almost say eyes, so we use it to help with her speaking.

THEN, the chattering. On my pillow, face to face (as close as possible), chirping away about ... who knows, it was in Emi-speak. But whatever it was, it was quite important. It went on for quite awhile. Oh, and all the while all of this is going on, the giggles and kisses keep coming. Oh melt my heart.

While not planned, it was a special time. Lately Emi has been in the throws of two-year-hood. We do feel that the not speaking isn't helping, as she cannot tell us what's wrong or what she wants. When that happens, oh the tears! oh the drama! oh the flat on the floor kicking and screaming! We try to ignore it, but we do know that some of it is just frustration on not being able to communicate. (I think I've mentioned, Emi and I attend Speech Therapy once a week and yes, finally, we are making a bit of progress.)

So these episodes are what keeps me going when she is so completely having a two-year-old moment. And you know what? Sometimes those moments feel like they are days long. So I soak up these times. I know they will be gone too fast. I wish I could bottle them up and take them out when I am old and gray (oh wait, I already am!) ... okay, take them out when she is a teenager and I want to strangle her, or when she's off to college and I am missing my baby girl. I think that's why I keep this blog. I have completely fallen down on the scrapbooking thing (I really do hope to revive it, someday). So right now, this is my memory book, Emi's baby book and everything in between.


The above photo is of a typical morning. After the diaper change and morning snuggle, Emi and I head into the office for milk and Cheerios (and a HUGE mug of coffee for mama!). We finally (sadly) got rid of the exersaucer that she used to have the first snack in (oh I miss it, the containment issue alone was awesome!). While we have a little desk for her (just like mama and daddy - although ours is not pink and purple), she likes what she made much better! Emi fashioned herself a tiny desk out of a step stool that used to live in the kitchen so her vertically impaired mama could reach the top shelf in the cupboard. There is also a scaled down version of a milk crate in the office for her extra papers and coloring books that she will sometimes use. I think that is what she is using in the photo. Notice the bow? Our little tomboy is becoming a bling gal. She's always been into bracelets, but now the hair do-dads are making an appearance. Oh, not when *I* want her to wear one to match an outfit, only when Emi wants to. :) (Oh gosh! Please ignore the dust on the bottom of Jeff's chair - eeps! I must dust that, soon!)


Gina (Caleeo) said...

Oh my gosh - is she not just the cutest thing ever. Great stories too - those snuggly moments are so wonderful.

amy said...

oh she sounds oh so it

Esther's mom said...

Sweet story! You've got a cutie!!

Magi said...

Aren't those some of the best memories? Just sitting and staring into each other's faces. Touching noses, naming the parts, and just enjoying each other.

Karen said...

She's such a cutie, Kiy. Makes me miss those toddler days.

Auntie Q said...

I hate the term "terrible twos" I think that is the best age EVER! Enjoy the Terrific twos!