Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pi Day

I forgot to post last night (actually, just fell into bed exhausted ... saving the world from Emi is a full time job!). So too all the math geeks out there (my sweet hubby tops the list), I want to wish everyone a Happy Pi Day (3/14)! A day late but better late than never.

In other news, I finally broke down and spent four glorious non-mom hours. First time since the first part of October! I went and had my hair done (got rid of the gray ... that I can already feel sprouting again, Emi is teaching herself to walk on the back of the sofa, sigh). And ... (big BIG news) ... I had my pony tail chopped off!

Oh my.

I didn't realize it was so long until yesterday. But I have been unhappy with my hair for quite awhile. What's the use of having long hair if I just pull it into a rubber band and call it done? I don't have the time, or patience, to dry it so I just let it air dry and then pull it back. Yuck. Also, I love the look of straight hair, which I don't have but that I kept wanting. So I told the gal that does my hair I needed something that would work with what I have - curly hair. Darling cut! It's not quite touching my shoulders, and she cut back in all the layers it took me ten years to grow out (yikes!). But, she said that my hair really shouldn't be one length as then it's just too heavy and all it does is frizz instead of curl. Now, I can just scrunch it after getting out of the shower and either let it air dry or use the hair blower. I am so excited!

Last thing about the hair, she said she cut off between six and seven inches! Wow, I really didn't realize it was that long. I forgot to have Jeff take a picture yesterday, so you all will have to use your imagination. The next time I do it well (it will take a bit of practice) I will try to remember to grab a photo.

And, that's it. I am hoping to put up a menu plan for this week. I am so uninspired though, it may not happen.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pictures, puleese!

Magi said...

Uh, Hello? Pictures?

Controlling My Chaos said...

Are we going to get to see a picture of the new haircut EVER? Please, please, please.

Gina (Caleeo) said...

I absolutely adore the pictures of you in your new haircut - oh wait, you haven't posted any. What is up with that!!!!!

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Glad you like it - definitely need a picture!

Barbara said...

I made a French Silk Pie for Pi day... and while it's tasty! it's not so pretty... So I'm going to remake it later this week for pics.

Emi's practicing to be a tightrope walker... :) Are you stressing yet? still? more?