Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catching up

Oh my, have I been lax in blogging this past week. I think it's this time of year. Yes, I am still whining about the cold, the gray, the yuck. The good news, the days are longer and it's not snowing. The bad, it's raining! Cats and dogs raining. But, if it was colder the amount of snow would be staggering. See, there's always a silver lining! (Did I mention the longer days? Sunshine? Well, when it's not raining.)

So, grab a nice cup of tea. It's time to catch-up!

We have had a few nice days here and there this past week. Every time we do Miss Emi and I scoot out of the house as fast as possible to enjoy it! One day last week we headed to our favorite park. They have a really nice toddler area and a super big kid area. Guess which area Emi likes to play in? Guess which one Mama does? Guess who won? No, I did! :)

This outing Emi finally conquered the swings! YAY EMI! Poor dear, last year they completely terrified her, she'd shake and tremble and reach for me the moment her cute little butt hit the seat. Now, while she's still nervous she wants to try it. Short periods of time, but still! I can gently push once or twice before it's time to get back down (and then, back in - over and over again). I am so proud of her. Emi also mastered the slide this past week. Little Miss Independent wants to climb up alone, fortunately these slides have a set of stairs instead of the traditional the ladder. She does want to hold hands going down, but I can already see that need waning. Danger Girl is looking for more adventure. I am looking for a hair color that will cover the gray for longer periods of time.

Needless to say, no photos of Emi in the swings as I needed both hands on her. But we will try to get Daddy to go with us, so one of us can snap some pics. Very cute. To hold folks over, here are some slide photos. (Oh, and before someone mentions it - yes, she has mittens/gloves. Yes, she wears them. When she wants to. That wasn't the day.)

We also moved Emi's kitchen into her bedroom. We had had it set up in the living room. Yes, we are odd but we actually have visions of having one room not be taken over by Emi. Silly of us! One evening last week, Emi made the whole family tea. Including Max. I think Max was hoping for cookies, and not the plastic kind that was offered. He was less than impressed.

Some fun moments from that evening (besides the hilarity of the whole tea party thing:

"Cheese!" (We have no idea where she learned that, we haven't started that yet!)

"What's on your pj's Emi?"
"Growl!" (I so wish I had thought to turn on the video for this, but who knew she'd do that? Jeff and I lost it, too funny!)

Story behind the cool pj's. My folks drove out from Michigan days after we received our referral for Emi (Sept 2007). They decided to make it a 'trip of a lifetime' and made quite a few stops. One was at Yellowstone and this is what they found for her. Finally, finally! She can wear it.

And now, one last hit of total sweetness:

My new fav picture of Miss Emi!


a Tonggu Momma said...

She exudes cuteness. She just does.

Ginny said...

What a little sweetie!

I am tired of all the coldness & rain as well. Yesterday wasn't to bad, we didn't get rain until around 4 & it was actually sunny.

Today is rainy & dark, ugh!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Well, it was certainly worth the wait! Great stories and pictures, and SUCH cute jammies.

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

She's having such a great time! Love those smiles.

We got a fresh layer of 8 inches of snow yesterday (Barbara always warns me what is headed my way) so at least I was prepared, but it is bone chilling cold again and all the fresh snow means just that much longer before we see the green of spring.

Controlling My Chaos said...

That looks like a pretty nice playground. Emi is a lucky girl.

Barbara said...

She's sooooooo darling! Growl!!!!!

Thanks for the update and sharing the pics... It's fun watching her grow up :)

Magi said...

Her personality is just shining through these pictures.

Anne Alagna said...

She is so completely adorable!!!!!