Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas ... Part 1

So, even though I tried so hard to slow it down, Christmas has wizzed by once again. I do think that we succeeded in having a pretty low stress holiday season, but much of that is because our holiday shopping list is getting smaller by the year. So many of our friends and family members can go out and buy whatever they want, when they want so to try and come up with something seems silly. We have agreed to not send gifts.


(There's always a however, isn't there?)

I was sorta bad. I sent a couple of New Years baskets of goodies, and we always do a special box for Jeff's mom. Oh, don't think I actually baked and mailed goodies, pluuuzee. Those days are so yesterday, with a 'helpful' toddler in the house. I ordered them from Wolferman's. They boxed everything up and mailed it. Call that done! We received goodies from W's once and it was SO awesome that now, it's one of my fav things to send. But, I've found a new fav! The coolest thing I did for the grand's and some special friends this year was A Year of Emi. I went over to snapfish and made books! It was fun and now I think I need to add ME to that list. They were a hit with the grand's and my mom made sure to ask if they were going to be an annual thing. Yep, indeed they are.

Christmas Eve was quiet, Jeff had the day off but spent a solid portion of it shoveling snow. Emi and I watched and commiserated, but didn't offer to help. I did make cream of wheat for lunch, warm tummy food! Emi opened a couple of little gifts in the early evening, the annual ornament from my mom (a penguin!) and then her new Christmas pj's, slippers and a new stuffed bear from Jeff and I. Then, it was off to bath time. Emi now knows 'bath' as she will go zooming to her bathroom! I watch her in wonder as I remember tiny little gal just over a year ago that was not at all impressed with bath time. She still isn't fond of hair washing, but she knows that right after that is fun in the water time!

What a difference a year makes! (October 2007)
Holding on for dear life

December 2008
No fear and now we have to drag her out!

Then, it was off to bed so Santa could visit. But first, cookies and milk. But wait, guess what I forgot? Good thing I had made a carrot cake for Christmas dinner's dessert. A nice healthy slice for Santa and since it was carrot cake, enough so he could share with Rudolph and the gang!

Santa must have liked the cake, as he finished hiding the kitchen and he put all the presents under the tree - nice guy!

To be continued ... I am beat and need to go to bed!


Jill Scott said...

Emi sure does look like she loves her baths.

amy said...

I love to see what your family is up to. SOunds like you really enjoyed the hoidays..thanks for posting pics

Gina (Caleeo) said...

oh, I am now so anticipating the next installment!!!

Looks like lots of fun so far!

n*stitches said...

Thanks for the updates! I so glad that you guys like the love and logic parenting book too! One of my students just failed for the semester (lazy). This of course has driven his parents crazy and I have had frequent exchange with them to keep them updated. The week before Christmas, the mom mentioned that the son is now talking about summer school! She told him there was no way she was going to pay for school...blah, blah.

Using my information from the book, this was my reply to her:
Tell him he can go to summer school for as many classes as he wants BUT he has to pay for it, find the classes, sign up by himself, find a ride there and home. That way you keep placing the responsiblities back in his lap to fingure out.