Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas ... Part 2

When we last left our intrepid readers ...

err ...

um ...


BTW, it will be noted that this is New Years Eve. And I am still writing about Christmas, so that means that my New Years post will also be late. I'm okay with that. At least I had my Christmas cards out on time, for me, that's an accomplishment!

So, we left our story with Santa so kindly arranging all the gifts (he really is a pretty great guy, I wonder if he's a brief or boxer kind of guy, errr wait ... family blog ... moving on).

Emi slept (and I use the term loosely, her sleeping straight through the night is NOT something we got for Christmas, nor any other night of the year but it is getting better) until around seven-ish. We should have kept to our regular schedule, Cheerios and milk and coffee (age appropriate) in the office while Jeff and I read email and Emi noshed while coloring at her desk and generally 'helping' us read email. Instead we thought she'd do Cheerios and milk while opening gifts. Right.

We thought she'd get the opening of gifts as she had started on one when we had them under the tree (reason why they were moved to the counter above the tree). But by the time it was time to open gifts, she didn't have any interest (or thought - hey, we aren't supposed to open those!). We basically opened them with/for her and she did get a kick out of what was inside of each. We had no plans whatsoever for the day, so the fact that it took about 2+ hours to open the presents was no big deal. Emi raked it in and that's with holding folks down to just a few gifts! A darling outfit (Pooh, who is a big fav in the house right now), dolls, books, and puzzles to name but a few. Mama and Daddy did quite well also, that Emi - she's a heck of a shopper! The big hit was the ... WII!!!!! I was told that Emi found a really great deal. Uh-huh. But, oh, what fun!

Emi decided that the presents all needed to be moved ...

Some of the packages were a tad heavy for a certain little cute elf ...

But then, she thought of a plan!

And implemented it!

Piling them up all around Mama (that's my girl!). (Oh, and the cute little diaper shot is my fav!)

We think the one she is standing on is the Wii. Eeps.

After the opening of the gifts I tossed breakfast into the oven (oops, should have done earlier) and then I went into the living room to uncover the kitchen. Take a look, this room will NEVER look like this again! Jeff then brought Emi in and that's the last we saw of her for days. Okay, not quite that bad but she's in love and having the time of her life in there. She's feeding her babies, us, trying to feed Max (not that he gets 'pretend' food). She has already learned let's have tea and is loving the cooking sounds, beeps on the microwave and the phone. Ahhh, get 'em young and train 'em right ... move over Rachel, here's the NEXT Food Network Star!

We finally did have breakfast, around 1030. Emi ate like she was starving, and come to think of it she probably was! But then it was back to the kitchen for more cooking fun. Trying to get her down for a nap was interesting, but it did happen. She went back and forth all afternoon between her kitchen and the family room with the other new goodies. She is really into books and puzzles right now, so those got a lot of use (and continue to).

It was a lazy fun day, filled with cuddles and laughter and love. Who could ask for a better day than that?

Oh, and I whooped Jeff's butt in Wii bowling! /flex


Jill Scott said...

It looks like you had a fantastic Christmas. I love Emi with her kitchen.

Gina (Caleeo) said...

That kitchen is awesome - how could she not love it!

I am glad you had a wonderful, happy, easy day.

Magi said...

That sounds like a perfect Christmas. Very cool kitchen. That is huge! We'd have to move the couch out of the living room if we'd gone with that one.