Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Last year, we did nothing. Didn't decorate the house, didn't hand out candy at home. Nadda. Of course, we get a buy on that one as we were in China. Doing this instead. {Oh happy happy smile.}

This year, we did a bit of decorating (mainly the front door) and handed out candy. Jeff was in his element, I think this is his fav holiday as he loves to hand out candy by the handful (yes, I shop carefully and stockpile for this). I am sure the neighbors aren't too fond of him, but the kids love him!

We also dressed up the kidlet (not the dog this year, he decided to hide in the back bedroom and sleep!), however we elected not to take her door-to-door. For one thing, she runs. Fast. For another, gosh it was dark last night when the kids started out. I remember a time when the littlests would start out at dusk and then as the night wore on the kids got older. Guess they don't do that around here. But it's just as well, we sure don't need the candy and she's too young to know what the candy is anyway. By next year I have a feeling we won't get off so easy!

I know no one cares about my rambling ... bring on the pictures! So, here she is:

What's that? ~~ See's the kids!

Mama's pumpkin

Mama's Penguin!
(Well, daddy's too!)


Magi said...

Now that's one cute penguin. Trick or treating around here is from 5pm - 7pm. It's all over before dark. Our neighborhood is mainly very young children, so they're usually all done by 6pm. I fed Sera dinner at 4, so she wouldn't try to eat all her candy. It was nice, however, for us to share a pizza and watch the new Tinkerbelle movie and still get her to bed on time on Halloween.

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures!

Lythrum said...

I love the penguin outfit. :) We didn't do much for Halloween because ours is too young yet for candy. We did dress her up in her Halloween clothes and go to Cracker Barrel for lunch. ;)

Shelle said...

OMG where did you find the penguin costume? Mattea would have been all over that if we had seen that one. Very cute!


amy said...

too sweet. that the first penguin costume i have seen all year

Louanne said...

She is so super cute! I love the penguin costume. I hadn't seen one at all and we saw a lot of kids this year.

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Very cute pictures! She is just adorable!

Jeff and Amy said...

Way too adorable, oh and the costume it cute too:)