Friday, October 24, 2008

Front Door Decor: Halloween

Before I get to my post, I wanted to thank everyone for the sweet and terribly kind comments and emails from yesterday. Simply, thank you.

Yes, I am late. However, better late than never! Barbara hosted Front Door Decor: Halloween Edition this past Monday at her blog, Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers. I didn't realize it was going to be Monday, but even if I had I doubt I would have had our decorations up any sooner than now. Actually, to be completely truthful, had it not been for Barbara I doubt I would have done anything. Again this year. Thanks for the kick in the pants my friend!

If you love visiting different blogs and finding new and fun ideas for decorating, don't forget to follow the above link to see all the fun!

I went with Barbara's idea, keep it simple and make it so that it can carry on over to Thanksgiving. I wasn't thrilled with the wreath but since I got it for 60% off I went with it (for this year). I was, however, completely tickled with the way my pumpkins turned out! I got the idea here. Oh, and I just used little dots of craft glue, it's not like they have to last until eternity.

Here are close-ups of the pumpkins, before and after!

P.S. Awesome! Revka must be up early this morning, she updated my blog with the changes I have been wanting forever ... and never quite got around to chatting with her about. Nothing earth-shattering so if you don't notice don't be surprised. The big change is the lightening of the main blogging area color. I had had comments from my more 'mature eyes' readers that it tended to be hard to read. Also, I had wanted three columns and she changed that too. I am so lovin' this!


Gina (Caleeo) said...

Super cute! I really like the pumpkins.

Louanne said...

That's such a cute idea to wrap them in ribbon and it carries you through to Thanksgiving!

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

I love the way you decorated the pumpkins! I couldn't find a wreath I liked either, so I found a garland I liked and made it into a wreath!

Eli's Lids said...

Love the ribbon, thanks for the post!

Barbara said...

Ok, I was just going back through the Front Door Decor posts for answering your email and my reply isn't on here... and I distinctly remember commenting. I wonder if my comp crashed (it happens FREQUENTLY, I need a new one) while I was typing it and I forgot to come back and redo it... maybe... anyway... it went something like this...

I'm always good for a kick in the pants... ask me anytime ;)

I love the ribbon decor... BONUS: you don't have to worry about the premature rotting problem I've had a few years. And it's less messy while Miss Emi is young :) Very cute!