Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Confession Time

This afternoon, while Miss Emi and I were making apple pie for tomorrow, we listened to Christmas music. I just could NOT wait one more minute! I know I said I wait until the day after Thanksgiving, but the moment just called out for it. It was cranked pretty loud, let's hope my neighbors were all at work (or liked my choice in music!). Besides, you should have seen Miss Emi bopping her bod to the music, too too cute!

Oh look, it's the mamarazzi again. Sigh ....

Also, the moment she saw the apples she had to have some. So she and Mei Mei joined me at the table. Mei Mei is not a new addition to our household, but Emi wasn't much interested in her for the longest time. I just set her on a shelf, and waited. And waited. And waited. Oh my, don't tell me all the years I have waited for my little gal and she wasn't going to be a doll person! And then, last week, Mei Mei was pointed and grunted at. And has been part of the family ever since. Of course, Emi-lovin' requires a toy to be tough, but so far Mei Mei has been up to the challenge. This little doll sleeps, plays and eats with Emi. She even goes to the grocery store, dog groomers and Target with us. Let's hope I don't lose her, now that she's been discovered! (Notice Mei Mei sitting on the table? She had to have a bib too!)

Look, Mama still has that blasted camera out! (That's right toots, and with the holidays coming you better get used to it!)

Oh, and anyone interested in our musical selections from yesterday? These are my four fav's ...

Okay, after looking these up for pics and links, I realized that my Christmas music is OLD! 1996?? Yikes. I need suggestions! (Besides, Amazon hasn't had much money from our checking account lately, we wouldn't want them to forget us!) As one can see, my collection follows no rhyme (haha!) or reason.

Oh, and for those wondering, here is a link to Mei Mei. For those that do not live and breath Chinese adoption, Mei Mei is Mandarin for Little Sister. We thought it appropriate. Plus, I wasn't sure how to correctly pronounce Calin (K-lynn?). Mei Mei was an easy choice (May May). Sure hope she's ready for some tough-love!


Magi said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'd recommend getting a second MeiMei. Remember? We lost our s at the rest stop in Nebraska and had to get another one rushed to us.

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Here are a few CD recommendations that I gave as gifts last year:

A Christmas Celebration
Celtic Woman

Josh Groban

Let It Snow [EP]
Michael Buble

I have looked at the Kalin doll a hundred times - but she is pretty happy with the one she got for her birthday.

Kiy said...

Magi, thanks! I *do* remember that story. We keep waiting to see which toy is THE toy and because of your adventure are going to do just that. Right now, it's Mei Mei, but last week it was the stuffed Pablo and Unquai's (sp?) and the week before a different stuffed penguin. So, right now, it's a wait and see thing. Thanks for the reminder!

Gina, (smacks self in head), I should have thought to look for some of those. We love and adore Celtic Woman, have one cd (that I should remember the name of) and I love MB (Jeff is indifferent). But then, Jeff doesn't listen to the Christmas music anyway. Thanks for the great ideas!

Cheers, Kiy

Louanne said...

I started listening to Christmas music about 10 days ago. Thanksgiving was too late for me this year and I had to start.

Favorite CD for me?

Harry Connick Jr's "When my heart finds Christmas" It just has the best mix of Christian and secular songs.

I love the John Michael Talbot 'Birth of Jesus' for the traditional Christian songs.

I hesitate to tell you how many Christmas CD's we have. Honestly.

Sarah Mclachlan's is also great except for the very first song on the album. Vince Guralidi trio Charlie Brown Christmas is awesome too.

The Singer said...

Coming in a bit late on this, but I would suggest Jewel's "Joy: A Holiday Collection." Very simple and mellow, and nice traditional selections.

My favourite Christmas CDs are actually ones put out by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, and they feature the casts of nearly every show on Broadway doing holiday music. I like them because they're usually a mix of traditional and more contemporary sounds, and a lot of casts try to do something that reflects the flavour of their show a little. You can get them at