Sunday, September 21, 2008

Opps, a blogging break

I guess I took one last week, and didn't even realize it. Do you ever feel like you are going a million miles a minute, but getting nothing done? That was my week last week. I'd love to say the reason I was not posting is that darling Emi and I were doing all kinds of fun and exciting things, but really, it was just life. So, life in our little house is a bit busy. It tends to do that to us (and most folks, I would think) when fall comes.

We have been enjoying unseasonably cooler weather (it's early this year), so we've been outside more. Mainly just taking walks in our neighborhood. We usually don't take the stroller on these walks, just the harness and a sip (a gal's got to have her water afterall!). She's pretty darned cute, strutting down the sidewalk, her sip under one arm and often one of her stuffed animals under the other. We are starting to wonder if she's picking up on some of my OCD tendencies (not that I have them, or at least, not that they are diagnosed, but Jeff is sure I have many ... I sure he is just kidding, right?). While on walks if she sees a leaf or a branch or a rock, we must stop, pick it up, look around for just the right spot to put it in. Then, all is right with Emi's world and we can continue on our walk. Until she sees the next object that is not in it's place. Some days we don't get very far into the neighborhood, but I am thinking our neighbors are pretty happy to not to have to clean their sidewalks anymore!

Emi is growing and changing. I can see the little girl peeking through, demanding that the baby is going to be a memory. I am happy for her, but a little sad for me. We didn't get as much baby time as we would have liked, but I am happy that we got as much time as we did. Although, I have to admit, this age is a blast. Emi is happy and cheerful (she pretty much always has been) but she is just chock full of F.U.N. right now. And she wants to share her fun with those around her. Her little eyes sparkle when getting into mischief (95% of the day), she laughs and sings and chatters and just is Emi.

She is getting more and more out of her shows, and while maybe not understanding all that is going on, she knows when the music changes to something happy, exciting or dramatic. She is also doing most of the movements on the shows ... ie: Diego wants help swimming with the sea turtle, so put your hands out in front of you and swim swim swim! Yesterday, not only was she doing the hand/arm movements, but also kneeling on the floor, just as Diego was kneeling on the turtle. Wow. We are even more careful as to what she is watching, as she is just absorbing so much. Right now, fav shows are still Little Einsteins and Diego, but she adores Dora and Kai-lan, and has rediscovered Backyardigans. Something new I just recently stumbled onto at the library is Kipper. I love him, and while I do it would mean nothing if Emi didn't also. She is completely entranced. The shows are gentle, soothing, almost calming, especially after a busy day. I can see we are going to need to buy a couple of the dvds, as the library ones are going to need to go back at some point.

Oh, and for those wondering. I did indeed make the pizza and we completely scarfed it down! I hope to post the recipe later today.

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Gina (Caleeo) said...

The Kipper DVD's and books look really cute. Thanks for recommending them.

I certainly understand what you mean about the baby giving way to the little girl.