Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Quiet Week

We took Jeff to the airport on Tuesday morning. Of course, seeing as it's 2.5 hours in each direction, that's a day trip in my book. Especially with a toddler who thinks sitting still for 15 seconds is torture. Thankfully, we have the portable dvd player my mom got for Emi for her first birthday. We didn't really start to use it until our trip in April, except for testing it out to see if she'd 'get' it. She did, no worries there. This gal, she likes some tv. Although, at the time, all she was watching was Backyardigans dvd's. Now, we've added Diego (I'm thinking there is some kind of crush going on there, but I'm not sure if it's for Diego or Baby Jaguar), we have also added Dora and Little Einsteins to our watching. The good news with all of these is that she just cannot sit still for them. Diego has her running all over the family room in excited circles, while Dora and LE has her dancing up a storm. Makes it hard to watch while sitting in a car seat all strapped in, but Emi is up to the task. It's actually pretty darned tootin' cute to see her back there, arms waving with a huge smile on her face. Hey, it keeps her quiet (sorta) and happy (very) on long car rides. I am not above bribes and if a $14.95 dvd will do it, I will plunk down Jeff's plastic faster than, well, pretty darned fast. (Photo is a rare moment of quiet!)

Wednesday was a down day. I wanted to completely pull the house together so I didn't have to do a thing the rest of the week. That didn't happen but Emi did get to play in her sandbox, in the pool, hit the sandbox again and just for good measure ran to the pool right from the sandbox because hey, what's a water experience without sand? I think I need to find a cover for the pool. Or choose, pool day OR sandbox day and then not fill the pool on the off days. But, I am still giving Emi pretty much what she wants. I am a soft gooey marshmallow, and darned proud of it! :)

Oh, and I meant to take pictures. I really did. But I forgot the camera in the house and the very last thing EVER you want to do is leave Emi outside with the pool. Not just because 'hey, pool equals water equals unattended children drowning' (which could happen and it reason enough). But with Emi, there's always more than one reason for anything. With Jeff gone, the doog poo picking up falls to me. I do try to get out there every day, but I tend to miss little piles now and again (he is, after all, a pretty small dog). Emi, however, couldn't miss a poo pile if it was in the next county. I found that out when she was wandering around yesterday (right after I walked the yard!), and brought me some (thankfully dried) poo. Great. After washing our hands (a 117 times) we were back outside for more fun. (And btw, aren't you now happy I forgot the camera ... talk about missed photo ops!)

Thursday became my pull the house together. Emi quietly and happily played in the family room, destroying all the nice neat organization it took me 30 minutes to do the night before, in under about five minutes. But she loves all her toys and we really hadn't been in there much over the last few days. So while she played, mama cleaned up the kitchen, tossed laundry in and neatened up the house all while keeping an ever watchful eye on Danger Girl. (Just because I don't mention Danger Girl all that often doesn't mean she isn't showing up daily, actually, several times a day. We need to keep my hair stylist in business after all, coloring all the gray hair.)

After a day spent in the house, I think we were both needing some out doors time. So I tossed a quick picnic dinner together and we headed down to the river. We walked, we ate, I chased Emi. Perfect evening. :)

Friday we spent running errands, nothing at all exciting but I got everything done on my list in prep for the little mini trip that Emi and I are taking. We leave Monday ... but that's another post.


Cristina said...

Mmmm, babies and dog poo are SUCH a great combination!!!! Glad Miss Emi had the sense to give the poo to Mama before 'testing' it herself!!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog Kiy - yes, shoulder straps are an essential feature of our high chair experience!!

Cristina xx

Lythrum said...

That's one of the reasons that we have held off on getting a dog until she gets bigger. Sounds like you guys are having fun!