Thursday, July 31, 2008


This past Friday, July 25th (which happened to be Drew's birthday - Hi Drew!) was our court date for Emi's re-adoption. It's a requirement in the State of Washington so that we can get a (an? whichever) United States (or rather, WA) birth certificate. Drives me nuts, as she is *already* a US citizen and we should not have to go through this step (not every state requires it, and every state is different on how they handle this). But, it is what it is, so we did it.

We had our post-placement visit the week before, which thankfully went without a hitch and we really enjoyed Melissa's visit (if you are in WA and live on the eastern side of the Cascade's and are looking for a very nice social worker, email me -- I will get you Melissa's info).

Friday went quite well. We were actually (gasp) on time, but you'd think if we had I could have taken three minutes to look at my hair. When we arrived at the courthouse, I made sure Emi's hair was perfect, checked her diaper, straightened her dress, checked her arms (at least 15 times!) to make sure she wasn't cold, gave her a snack and her sip (water bottle) but never ever ever did I even think to look into a mirror for myself. How is that? So my hair, which actually looked quite great at home, looked horrible (flat out horrible, in fact) for court and the photos. Drat and double drat. Oh well, not a thing I can do about it now.

The judge was wonderful, asked all the questions that we've answered a gazillion times and I *still* teared up. This was a formality at best, and still. But, at least I didn't cry like I did when we took Emi's citizenship oath! :)

The judge was charmed by Emi (of course!) as were the three folks in there (not sure what all they were doing, some function I am assuming, as it was a closed court proceeding). The judge even gave Emi a sweet, very soft, stuffed bear. Of course, she wouldn't touch the darned thing. Kids. After photos and thanks, we left. We got out into the hall and Emi demanded the bear and wouldn't let it go all day. In fact, she loved on it so much ... the bear's head sort of popped off and now I have to find a way of sewing it back on! I did however, get a picture of Emi with the bear in the courthouse but she was moving so fast and I was trying to get the picture quickly ... both pictures blurred. But there again, I did get them. (Here's the best of the two.)

(Oh, and doesn't she look so grown-up with the new hair cut? I didn't do as bad a job as I thought I did!)

We are now, officially ..... DONE! We have no other reports to file, no other home visits (we are not required to do the twelve month report), nothing. It was so good to know that now, we can just be a family. A nice feeling. Very.

BTW, it's sort of hard to tell (and I have to get a better picture at some point) but I found Emi the perfect dress for the event. It's red, white and blue with a cherry motif. Perfect for the U.S. and Washington!


Serdic said...

I'm still so wonderfully and insanely happy for you guys. =)

Lythrum said...

Woot!! Grats Emi! I'm so happy for you guys, I know that it'll be a load off of your mind to not have to deal with the technical adoption stuff anymore. Emi was so lucky to get such caring and wonderful parents. :)

Louanne said...

Yippie! Ours was done on the 31st. And I can totally believe that Emi charmed the judge!

Barbara said...

Congratulations Kiy! Don't you just hate all the hoops you have to jump through! It's so worth it in the end though.