Sunday, August 17, 2008

Portland - Day Two (Pt 2)

Wow, thank you! Not only did I get a couple of comments to my last Portland post, but quite a few emails. Everyone was so wonderful and supportive. Really, thank you, it means a lot to know that the adoption and blogging community really is full of really special people.

When I left off, we were on our way across the parking lot to the zoo. After battling my way in, the gal at the gate didn't believe Emi was under three ... huh? After I showed her Emi's state ID (another good reason to have it) she still said she looked much older than 18 months. By now I was ticked, my day hadn't gone all that great up to this point. I told her that that was okay, I didn't really want to visit the zoo anyway. She very reluctantly allowed me to just pay for my entrance fee.

After all that, I needed to pull myself out of my funk and plain and simple just needed time to regroup. So, remembering Emi's complete delight at the shuttle ride the day before, we headed off to find the train. After paying for the zoo ride (ha - the guy at the ticket counter said "hi sweet baby" ... and he got major bonus points for that!), we parked the stroller and got in line. Note to self: Next time attached the leash! She was so interested in everyone standing in line, the bars to climb one and the kids I could not keep her contained. But thankfully we were finally allowed to board. She loved it! Again, no car seat so she got to sit next to me. I did actually remember to get the camera out for the train ride, not great photos as the inside of the train could use a bit of tlc and Emi is always in motion! But she was so curious and the wonder on her face was priceless. Exactly why you do these things with kids. I needed the positive experience this ride gave me, and she did too. I think when we got off the train we were both feeling pretty darn good with ourselves.

After the train ride we wandered around and saw many of the animals. It's a pretty nice zoo, as zoos go. Nice exhibits, plenty of space, plenty of places to spend your money (smile). We stayed a couple of hours, and then headed back to the hotel for lunch and a nap.

I was pretty grubby by now (the temps and humidity had climbed steadily while we were at the zoo). I was trying to figure out some way of safely taking a shower, something that I had been thinking about since planning the trip. Finally I decided to just take the fastest shower of my life. I set up the dvd player with Dora (something I knew would keep Emi occupied) on the bed (where little fingers couldn't touch). I took the cushion off the chair, covered it with one of her blankets (just in case) and plopped her on it. Set up her lunch and sippy of milk for a picnic. The look of excitement made my day. I told her mama was going to go shower, as if she heard me! She was eating and watching Dora. Two fav activities. So I scrambled into the shower as fast as I've ever done so. When I got out, dripping wet, she was exactly where I had left her. Amazing, and a first. After lunch she was more than ready for that nap, and slept for almost two hours. It was nice to have a bit of down time, so I just laid on the bed and read the whole time. It was glorious. I could have waited to shower, but who knew she'd actually sleep?

After her nap I decided to take her down to the pool. True love folks, that I would put on a bathing suit in front of other people. Bonus though, no one was in the pool except us. Emi *loved loved loved* the pool. It was a bit cool for me, but she didn't seem to mind. She played on the steps, floated a bit on her tummy and tried to mimic me blowing bubbles in the water. This was her very first experience with a pool so I wanted it to be very positive. I didn't have to worry. Danger Girl has no fear. Which is not necessarily a good thing. But we had such a great time in the pool. It was the perfect ending to the day.

  • Lessons learned:
    • Use the leash whenever she isn't in the stroller
    • Always carry her ID (I do, but good to remember)
    • If something doesn't go exactly the way planned, find something you know will be a success
    • Time spent with Emi, no matter what we are doing, is special
    • Try to remember to use the camera more!


Magi said...

It sure sounds like you had a good time on your trip. I cannot believe the woman at the zoo. No one has ever questioned us about Sera's age. In fact, they usually assume she's younger.

Congrats on going to the pool. I know how daunting that can be.

Lythrum said...

Mine absolutely loves the water. We've taken her to the pool several times and she always loves it. I'm glad that your day got better. There are times that I am grumpy and out of sorts and I look at my baby girl and remember how blessed I am and my problems don't look so bad anymore. Too bad you can't bottle that up and sell it. ;)

Barbara said...

Definitely use the camera lots! :) She's adorable... And seriously, the woman at the zoo needs to get a grip, what would possess someone to get a FAKE state id for a child? Sorry you had to go through that. Sounds like a wonderful time at the zoo at least :)