Sunday, August 10, 2008

Menu Plan (Aug 10 - Aug 16)

We are back from Portland, and I did (and still will later this week) want to post about our trip (we had a wonderful time). However, I got caught up with unpacking, laundry, chasing Emi {smile - a full-time job these days}, Jeff coming home and the Olympics (yes, I'm an Olympics junkie, haha!). So, once I have a spare moment I will share all we did, and all I learned about traveling alone with a toddler.

With Jeff home, it's back to cooking 'real' meals. I have missed menu planning and even cooking, but not the cleaning up of the kitchen. I just remind myself of all the years I (we) did without a dishwasher. Usually helps.

So, here is the menu. Mostly tried-and-trues. In fact, I think they all are! Have a great week and remember to head on over to Laura's for more MPM.

Menu Plan for Week of: August 10 - 16

  • Sunday: What I Didn’t Get to Last Week
    • Since the kitchen was closed last week … there wasn’t a thing I didn’t get to! :)
    • In that case, I am going to plan Jeff’s favorite meal: Home Cooked Dinner. Seriously, when asked he says he loves everything I make, so I am going to come up with something special to celebrate his coming home.
    • Billie Ruth’s Catfish Parmesan, home fries and farmer’s market onions, farmer’s market tomato and cucumber slices

  • Tuesday: Oriental Salad (might or might not add some chicken to this, but either way, it’s a one-pot meal here)

  • Thursday: Leftover Buffet

  • Saturday: Free Nite
    • Dinner out with friends


Barbara said...

Wednesday sounds so delicious, can't wait to hear about Portland.

Dawn said...

I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I bookmarked your recipe blog and added it to the blogroll on my recipe blog, because your recipes look wonderful. :-) Have a wonderful week!

Kate said...

Wow, everything you are making this week sounds so wonderful. Thanks for all the links!

"J" said...

Hi! This is my 2nd week! Just looking around getting ideas!

I really want to try your:
Asian-Style Grilled Tilapia & Chicken Merlot with Mushrooms