Friday, June 27, 2008


We finally had weather warm enough to set up the water table for Emi. While trying to take pictures, I have come to realize that I cannot get a photo of her smiling while she is playing. She is too busy and focused. While I do think she is having fun, smiling is not part of it. You can just see the little wheels going 'round and 'round in her head as she figures things out, makes things move and tries something new. I love to watch her playing, she is so intent.

Emi smiles a lot, don't get me wrong, but not when she's playing with her water table, reading, building blocks or anything else that requires deep concentration. And for Emi, that's most things. She is fascinating, and I know why I don't get more done during the day.
There's an Emi to watch!

Oh, and this is what happens after a day of water play. The dinner table:
She even slept through a diaper change and getting pj's on!


Lythrum said...

She is so beautiful Kiy :) That water table looks pretty neat, I'll bet she makes a lot of splashes. Rowan has figured how to splash in the tub and now no surface stays dry.

Louanne said...

Oh I love the photos. the sleeping one at the end is the best. Love it!