Sunday, June 8, 2008

Danger Girl Strikes Again

{{ Huh. I forgot I wrote this last weekend, and completely forgot to post it! }}

Well, it was quite a weekend. Normally, we have pretty quiet weekends. We have never been the party animal kind of folks anyway, but with a toddler, our excitement tends to center around trips to the park these days. Funny enough, we love it. (BTW, photos of playing in the backyard with daddy. Emi is finally into hats. Yippee! Oh, and a backyard of plastic stuff and she's into sticks, stones and bugs. That's our girl!)

However, we forgot to ask Emi what she had on her agenda for the weekend. Jeff had Friday off, and it was a pretty typical day. We both had projects we wanted to work on. He is still going through the boxes in the library (okay, it's not a library *yet* but someday, when it's empty of boxes and the Gated Community {we really do call it that}, it's going to have beautiful built-in bookshelves and cushy-comfy chairs scattered around with wonderful reading lights ... yeah, someday). My project for the weekend was to finish Emi's room. We had a plan, taking turns hanging with Emi while the other worked on their project. Emi had other plans. So Friday we both got a decent start on our projects and we went to bed that night tired but pleased with our day. Saturday morning, after her morning nap Emi decided that running as fast as she possibly could head-long into the step up into the kitchen was really on the weekend plan. SMACK! Of course everything ran through my head in about .03 seconds (the time it took me to get to her), stitches, concussion, hospital stay. My poor baby! Well, she is fine but has a dandy little gash on her forehead with just a bit of a bump. Surprisingly, she allowed me to sit with her with an ice pack and put a bandage with Neosporin on her cut. She hung close the rest of the day, and frankly, that was just fine with Mama.

I'd like to say that was the end of the excitement for the weekend, although it was the end of any injuries! Sunday morning, Emi decided that she could climb up onto the hearth which is about 10-12 inches tall. Oh gosh. Our fireplace as glass-front doors. Yep, they are now off and being stored. There is a wire mesh fire screen behind the glass, so for now Jeff has those wired shut (with Emi, we knew it was a just a matter of time before she realized that they opened). We are also looking for a way to make them as air-tight as possible. Air conditioning season is almost on us and the last thing we want to do is shoot our AC right up the chimney.

We really did think we had this room pretty baby-safe. There are still a few things we want to do. Our big project yet is to get an armoire for the TV and all the stuff (dvd player, satellite box, etc). She is really into cords/cables and how things work, we just need to get them out of her reach. We have things in front of the cords for now, but sooner rather than later she is going to figure out that those can be moved so she can get to the cords and cables. Yeah, a baby-safe room but not an Emi-safe room! We still have other rooms to do (her room and the kitchen are next on our list) but as she does not have free-range roaming of the house, it's not a huge priority. The family room as always been our safe-zone for her. Silly us. :)

So, while we didn't get as much done this past weekend as we'd planned, we are all pretty much still in one piece and healthy. I wonder what next weekend has in store for us?

Had to post these, this is when I was working in Emi's room. Daddy and Emi came back to visit (Emi needed a mama hug ... that velcro, only stays apart for so long!). Emi saw the ladder and that's all she wrote. Mama who? She loves this thing, good news is that she cannot climb it herself. Yet. (Yes, you can see tiny peeks of what is going on in the bedroom, but I want to wait to post until it's all done!)

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Louanne said...

Holy cow! She is danger girl. Nadia likes to play outside with sticks and stones, but oh my goodness Emi makes me nervous. Hee hee.