Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Gated Community

* First off, a note. I owe about a million (okay, maybe about 10) emails to friends. Honestly, I haven't forgotten. Who knew a little tiny girl could take up so much time, and energy!? This weekend, for sure!

Jeff just returned today after being gone four days (work related trip). It was my first time 100% on my own with Miss Emi. Honestly, I am not sure who was happier to see him, me or Emi! She squealed with delight when she saw him walking towards us in the airport.

At least I hope that was her.

I think we did okay, us gals (and Max). The house is pretty much in shambles, but then it usually is. A housekeeper I will never be, but there are always plenty of hugs and kisses to be had. When she's in school I will clean my house, right now I will enjoy her and allow her the time to enjoy us. I don't want her 'stashed' in a playpen so Mama can clean all the time. Now, that said, we have ordered an early birthday present. It is a gift from Papa and Mimi (my folks) that we hope Emi will enjoy but that Mama can't wait to get her hands on. I am calling it the 'Gated Community'. Jeff calls it 'Baby Prison' and my folks are calling it 'The Cage'. Poor kid! *I* think she will like it, and Miss Emi and I are just going to ignore all those nay-sayers! We also ordered a set of extensions so that it will feel big and she can have lots to do in there (and have room for a visitor ... NOT Max).

We are hoping that she will like it so that she will be safe from Max, and that Max will be safe from her. They still cannot get enough of each other ... and Emi still insists on pulling his fur. He has been so good about it and we have been vigilant about watching them - her hands in ours so she can't pull - but it is still a worry. The idea is, is that while she is in it I could actually do the dishes (gasp!) before 9pm at night. Or even, whoa, toss in a load of laundry or sweep/mop the kitchen floor. Not sure I would feel comfortable running the vacuum, but I should be able to get some things done ... all while she is playing and can see me. Now, if it will work!

Only time will tell.


Cath said...

Hiya Kiy
Ohhhh, you make me laugh! Trying to "gate" your almost sound like a first-time MOM! lol
When you get a chance, email me for REAL!!
Have a very Merry Christmas! It's always a little more special with a little one in the house!
Much love,
Cath (Ryleesmom2004 and now Jayme's mom too)(Pension cheques and preschoolers)

Karen and Bob said...

We have a "playyard" set up in our bedroom. It is one of the six sided ones with no floor. Kailee still loves it! It's loaded with tons of toys I usually put her in there while I shower or any other time I can't have her roaming freely.

polli said...

oh kiy soon you shall learn its ok to cage the little rascals just wait maybe next year that is where you will put the christmas tree in, instead if the multi-armed gal : ) just remember they cant help themselves it has lights that blink and cool shiny sparkly things that can make mom run and chase them on your mark get ready set *** GO!!!! have a great time /hugs to the family

V&M said...

We would love to get our hands on one of these "gated communities". Love the name. I'm afraid DH would still call it a Baby Prison. Any info would be greatly appreciated!