Sunday, February 3, 2008

1st Birthdays are such fun!

Well, the day has come and gone and it was beyond wonderful. We decided that the day was *about* and *for* Emi. So we nixed going out to eat, stayed home and played, made mac & cheese and peas & carrots for dinner (her fav meal atm) and just hung out together. The day was ALL about Miss Emi and making sure she had a wonderful day (as if all her other days aren't wonderful!). But yesterday, we wanted it extra special.

The day started with Mama and Emi making cupcakes. Well, Mama made the cupcakes, Emi had a snack. Dill pickles. Really, this gal *loves* them. Funny faces and all. I had to grab the camera as some of her faces were just too darling not to capture. And share.

After her afternoon nap, I brought her out to the family room where we had her gift set up. We decided not to wrap it, but instead set it up and have her walk to it with daddy snapping pictures as fast as he could to get her reaction. We were thrilled (and a bit relieved) that she did indeed like her present! (BTW, it's the FP Little People Farm ... too cute! We also got her some extra people and animals to go with it.)

While she played and played, helped by daddy (who made the choice between the zoo and the farm) I made dinner. Of course, it was a hit but the big excitement was yet to come (little did she know).

I wanted her to really enjoy this, so we set a cupcake in front of her and just let her go to town. Mama cackled with glee and snapped pictures left and right, Daddy stood back and tried to stay out of the way of all the frosting flying. He wasn't sure who was having more fun, Emi or me but the pictures tell the story.


Magi said...

Now that looks like one fun birthday. Sera has recently become a big fan of bread and butter pickles.

Emi looks like she really enjoyed that cupcake!

Louanne said...

Those are totally cute photos and it looks like her day was great!!!


PS, Nadia got the zoo for Christmas and it's pretty awesome too!

Jeff and Amy said...

Sounds like you all had an awesome day!!!! Emi is such a cutie :) Pickles???? We have not tried them, that is funny.

Serdic said...

What's not to love about dill pickles? I mean, really?