Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sleep, or not

6 am and I've been awake for 3 hours! I tried going back to sleep, but finally got up and here I am.

There really isn't much to report. Jeff officially starts his leave on Monday, although he had Friday off for his usual 'every other Friday off' on his flex schedule. It one of the big perks of living here, and even though his work days are longer it's nice for him (hahaha ... let's get real, ME!!!) to have that extra three-day weekend every other week.

Right now we seem to be in funny place. I feel like I should be actually packing, but really, it's just too soon. So I have folding tables up in the library (what most would call their living room). Baby stuff, toiletries, clothes, med's, misc, carry-on, backpack stuff, etc. It's all HIGHLY organized (not surprised, huh?). The piece of luggage that corresponds to the 'stuff' is sitting under the table. The one thing I haven't done is do a trial run to make sure everything will fit where I think it does. I may do that this weekend, just to get a feel for how heavy things will be. The one thing that packing this way has helped is that I keep weeding things out. Which, is a good thing!

I did get my stitching all organized last night. Yes, I am taking my stitching on this trip! Mainly, for the way there. It seems we have four hours layover in Seattle, more than enough! Oddly enough we only have an hour in Narita (Japan) for changing planes to Beijing, I sure hope it's enough time! We won't have to change terminals and go through immigration, but only having an hour in Narita makes me a bit nervous (and I didn't realize this until this weekend). Id' wake Jeff up to see if he thought we'd be okay, but he probably wouldn't be impressed. :)

But, back to stitching ... we will have that four hours in Seattle. Even will (possibly ... probably, actually) having to reclaim our luggage and recheck it and go through immigration, we still will have plenty of time to kill. Also, we have been warned that there is sometimes a lot of down time in our rooms in China. Babies napping means Mom and Dad (whoa, how cool is that?!) are 'stuck' in the room ... waiting. So while I am sure I will stitch in Seattle, I may end up with time on my hands even after we have Emi that I could conceivably stitch (when I'm not just sitting there, watching her sleep, that is). When Mom and I were on our trip, I found four really cute kits. I am not usually a kit kind of gal (I have *tons* of supplies) but this made it easy to take with. The only thing I had to do was sort the fibers and make copies of my charts (don't want to take the originals with). They are each in their own 5x8" zip baggie so I can stitch one, finish it, bury it in a suit case until we get home, then start to work on another.

I am really into 'seasons' these days. Actually, have been for some time. I like stitching the four seasons and then hanging them as a grouping or hanging one and switching them out. Here is the set that I will be taking with me:

I usually work on a bit more intricate projects, but these will be easy to stitch and the fabric is a large count so I won't have to bring my 'granny' glasses to be able to see all the tiny holes! They are cute and will be something that I can do when I need a break from reading. I still can't believe I am not bringing my i-Pod. No music or books to listen to for 2+ weeks! But, it is holding less and less of a charge these days and it really needs to be replaced. I just don't want to spend the money on a new one with so many other things, more important things, that we need to spend money on. Also, if I am going to replace it, I'd really like to replace it with something that is *much* easier to use. Not being a Mac person, and all.

Well, I guess maybe I will go back to bed. Not to sleep but to snuggle up to Jeff ... my own personal heater. Maybe, just maybe, I will drift off to sleep for awhile.


Lythrum said...

I think that having something relatively simple, but will still keep your hands busy is a really good idea. You're going to be catching moments here and there, and you wouldn't want something too involved so that you make mistakes or lose what you were doing. I know I take along way too much stuff when I travel, just because I never know what kind of a mood I'll be in. That means I usually bring about a suitcase full of books. :)

Kiy said...

4 paperbacks and 6 ebooks on the Palm .... gotcha! ;)

But yes, I tend to bring easy products, get them out and the there they sit, in my lap. I can't help but watch all that goes on around me in an airport. I've been a people watcher all my life.

I hear ya on the suitcase of books. I'd rather bring less clothes than not enough books, guess it's my fear of being bored. And, what if one's a dud!?

Cheers :)