Sunday, October 21, 2007


I am very much a project-driven goal-oriented person. So much, it tends to drive me a bit nuts now and again.

Like now.

I *should* be doing other things. Cleaning house, washing our bed lines, moping floors (yeah, right), working on more of the packing, doing more laundry, sorting stuff for the trip, etc.

What I am doing however, is this ....
Changing Table (before) ~ ~ ~ Changing Table (after)

I was not expecting the table to arrive with particle board shelves, so I knew I wanted to do something about that. I took the curtain (to the nursery set) to the fabric store and found this! It's not what I was looking for (thought I wanted quilting cotton material, thicker than crafting cotton) but I like it much better! It's what you would make an outdoor table cloth out of. It's flannel backed and the print (in this case, red and white checked) has a coating on it so it can be wiped clean. In a nursery. Hmmm, good plan, I'm thinking! I like the checks, they go with the theme quite well and this can be changed out when we want to try and use it for a bookshelf (if we do). I have to say, considering how much time it took me to do this (cutting it to size, laying it flat), it worked out great!

I am also hanging cross-stitch and such, but until I have everything up and the way I want it, I will hold off on posting photos. It won't all be done before we leave but it's finally starting to pull together. Probably the best decision I made was deciding NOT to paint the mural before we left. I still want to do it, and maybe someday I will, but adding a project like that, right now ... not a good idea.

In taking photos in Emi's room (I *love* saying that!), I realized I had never posted the photos of the crib with the nursery set. Here is it, along with the really cool lamp with dragonflies I found. Also on the table is a stitch project I did back in 2005 for Emi. My mom has this really great lady that does a lot of our sewing finishing, she made a couple of things into pillows for me ... I think this one turned out great!

Oh, and the doll? Emi's first doll ... from my mom. I really wanted to take it with us to China but we have SO much stuff that I don't want to overwhelm her. So this cute little doll will be here, waiting for Emi. (The bear is a matching one to the elephant we are taking with us, it is sooooo soft and cuddly.) BTW, the walls really are painted that grey/sage color. It doesn't look like anything great at all in the photos.


amy said...

You are so motivating and you did a great job! I love it!

Cath said...

Hiya Kiy
Love Emi's room! You leave on Thursday???? Exciting!! I'll be thinking about you! I leave the day you head home. Since I have 20 sleeps I thought we should renovate the house a
Have a great one!
P.S. Remain calm (yeah right) lol

Lythrum said...

Good job on recognizing your limitations. :) I'm going to have to wait for that nesting urge to kick in, because for now I'm more ready to take a nap than to decorate anything. It's a beautiful crib. :)

polli said...

hey kiy it looks great! and yes you just have to pace yourself... you will find you dont get as much done when you get home cause you will be holding her and too enthralled to leave her to get much done.. especially at first... so while shes napping you can be doing stuff in her room waiting for playtime again! and mure im still waiting for the nesting urge jess is 8 now lol

Lythrum said...

I'm sure there's still hope Polli! :)