Thursday, August 23, 2007

The 23rd

Today *should* be the last anniversary of our LID. Not that we have ever celebrated it. At first, it was exciting, as we thought the six months would go by fast and every month that passed put us that much closer to our sweet baby. But, as the months turned to years, it was just another day. But now, we are SO close. We really do feel, for the first time, that we are next. It's so hard to not get excited, even though we have learned to guard our hearts in this experience.

So, here's all my friends 'celebrating' this day, and to all that are still waiting. Our time is coming, soon.



Serdic said...

I'm so incredibly overjoyed that I'm speechless! As a wise man said, it's nice to see good things happen to good people.

Kiy said...


I can't believe we are THIS FREAKING close. Needless to say, I am driving Jeff nuts. :)

BTW, I went past that house that's for sale down the street. It looks really cute ... ;)