Saturday, June 30, 2007

Counted Cross-Stitch

Welcome to my little stitching area. This hobby has become a passion. I wake up in the morning thinking about it, race around the house doing my 'chores' so that I can have more time to stitch. Push off all errands on to one day, so that I can stay home the other days and stitch stitch stitch. I wonder if there is a 12-step program, but that would require I want help and ... I don't! is the on-line photo sharing site I use for my stitching. I am pretty happy with it, it could be easier to use. I like PictureTrail better for ease of use, but Flickr is cheaper.

Here is the link to my stitching photos. My current plan is to post (with photos!) my rotation. May take some time to get everything that is in my rotation up here, but I will start soon!

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