Saturday, June 30, 2007

Adoption Friends

Adoption Blogs I don't want to lose track of!

Terri @ Traveling to Isabelle Hope and Hannah Mei Yi (LID: 09-01-2006)
Amy at When Love Takes You In (LID: 04-23-2007 for Lynne Marie)
Fliss & Mike @ Fliss & Mike's Adventures (LID: 04-05-2006)
Lorraine & Rowan @ Journey to China (LID: 12/09/2005)

Jeff & Crystal @ Journey to Ruby Ann (They have their referral, waiting on travel!!!!)
Cath @ Pension Cheques and Preschoolers (In China NOW! )

Tracey & Adam @ A Red Thread to China (LID: 11-23-2005 ... home with Charlotte!)
Denise @ The Correia Family Website (HOME with their little darling!)
Laurelle and Dave @ Journey to Mister Darcy (HOME!!)
Debbie & Sam @ Elizabeth's Journey (HOME!!!)
Terri & Scott @ In His Hands (HOME!!)
Kelly & Sindy @ For Allison with Love (Home with Allie!!)

BTW, if you are the blog owner of one of the above and I have something wrong (some of the info was going on memory ... a BAD memory!) please let me know so I can change it.

DTC November 2005 Blogroll

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