Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Virginia and North Carolina

We are planning a trip next week to see Grandma (Jeff's mom), Aunt Mary (his sister) and Drew (his son and more importantly to Emi ... big brother!). We are going to drive all day Tuesday, spend Wednesday, Thursday and half of Friday in Virginia. Then we are going to drive to Kanopolis (about 30 miles north of Charlotte, NC). Home on Sunday.

So, here's the question - anyone in the Orange, VA area that would like to get together for a play date on either Wednesday or Thursday for a couple of hours. I know there is no way (from past experience) that Emi will be able to stay (sit) 2.5 days in a nursing home room without going stir crazy. If no one is available (I realize it's during the week AND during work hours that I am looking for) ... any suggestions for things to do that would interest a 3 year old? Any playgrounds, etc? I don't really know the area well as we haven't usually spent a lot of time in 'greater' Orange. Previously when we visited we were out at the homesite - more like Louisa County than Orange (on/near Lake Anna - if anyone is familiar with the area).

Also, anyone in the greater Charlotte area that would like to get together on Saturday for a couple of hours. Same idea, play date - park? playground? I am thinking that a little bit of Emi following her idol (Drew) goes a long way. That maybe dad and son would like some talk time without the three year old butting in and crawling all over big brother. Also, same thing - ideas welcome for things to do if no one is available for a play date.

Feel free to email me if that's easier: kiy @ inbox (dot) com

Lots of adult and car time on this trip and looking for Emi things to do.

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Aunt LoLo said...

There were mentions of a few gorgeous beaches in the Charlotte area in this month's Coastal Living. Would you like me to look them up??