Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chinese New Year Ideas Needed!

I want to ask Emi's teacher if I can bring something in not this week (as they are doing Valentine's Day all week) but the next. So, I have time to pull something together.

The class has eight 2-3 years old's. I need some suggestions for a great book (Dim Sum for Everyone seems a bit too old, same with Bringing in the New Year - both by Grace Lin) but does anyone have My First Chinese New Year (Grace Lin also, love her!) - would you recommend it for this age in a group setting?

I also wanted to bring in an easy food (thinking of making my own fortune cookies - eek! easy?! haha) unless someone else has a better suggestion. Source for maybe some cute lanterns to hang in the class room? Nothing major, I just wanted a couple of things to leave with the teacher to do (they encourage this).

Note: Just found this link via Tonggu Momma's Sunday Linkage! Hmmmm. It doesn't look that hard. Yikes.

Yeah, last minute but things have been a bit crazy around here and while the thought has been banging around in my head awhile it just not finally popped out and said "DO SOMETHING"!

What I'd like to bring in:
1. A book
2. An easy food for snack time
3. Something interesting to hang in the room to talk about
4. Possible: an easy craft (coloring a picture?, something better?)

Remember: I can't stay to present this. At this age they really want us to leave the teacher with a small box and an easy way to present whatever-it-is to the children. That way they have control of the schedule, etc (what I've been told). When she's in the older rooms I can stay and present (except, she is starting a different school this summer that will carry her until kindergarten so I am sure all the 'rules' will be different next year!).


a Tonggu Momma said...

These coloring pages may be your best bets:

For something still simple, but more of a craft:

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Magi said... has a ton of inexpensive lanterns, crafts, etc...

Aunt LoLo said...

The most traditional New Years treats are small cookies, and sweetened dried fruits...

As far as a craft...I'd go with whatever TM says. ;-) She's kind of an expert!

Whatshername's Mummy said...

We've been to a Children Adopted from China event today (UK equivalent of FCC) and the children decorated Tiger shaped masks - either with sticky foam stripes or with black crayons, Alice loved doing it!
Enjoy, with love from Wales,

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

My First Chinese New Year would be perfect for this age. Briana loves that book! Dragon Dance is also a good one.

I am bringing in dragon puppets and red envelopes for Bri's class on Thursday (it is her snack day). And I also found some adorable panda cookies at World Market. I typed up a short description on a piece of paper for Bri's teacher to read. Bri is so excited!