Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's in Your Book Basket?

The Happy Housewife is starting something new, and since it's about books (oh my, yum!) I thought I'd play along ... at least this first week. Who knows if I will be able to continue each week but I am going to give it a shot.

Right now, we aren't doing the library thing for Miss Emi. We were, for a time, but she became quite the handful while in the library. (She thinks everyone is there to see her, so she runs around stops right in front of folks and says HI is a very loud voice. If they do not not respond quick enough, she will repeat. And repeat. Until I can catch up to her and scoop her up and apologize. Thankfully, most folks think she's darned cute and it's darling. I agree, she's darned cute but I do not feel this is darling. So, we have cut out the library trips for now.

That does not mean reading has gone by the wayside, but new books are slowing down as we have to buy them all. Not that that's a bad thing, home libraries are great, but fluffing them up every couple of weeks with library books is a wonderful thing. We hope to get back to being able to do that, sooner rather than later.

My plan for this is to select some of my/our most fav's and chat about them.

For my first week, I thought I'd go through our bedtime stack. It's just three but they are the most amazing books! I am also going to add one more as it's become an all time fav and it's a rare day that we don't read that one one or a dozen times. In fact, let's start out with that one! (I am not going to recap the books, as I will link to amazon and they do such a great job of that. I will chat -briefly- about why it's a great book for our family and why we love it.)

Note: Emi is 26 months.

Jamberry - this was a Christmas gift from Barbara. This was a new book to me, but oh my what a find! The poetry is just pure fun, the pictures are gorgeous, silly and amazing. I am not sure which one of us loves it more, Emi or me, I just want to dive into some of the pages. Emi was almost 23 months when we received it, and it was an instant hit. Of course, those of you who are able to start reading at birth would think this was a perfect book at that young of an age, those of us trying to introduce the concept of reading will also find this book a wonderful aid. Up until this book, very few caught Emi's attention long enough to sit and read/listen to the entire thing. This book was our leap to that stage. Something that will make this book a forever favorite in my heart.

Time for Bed - This is the first book of three at bedtime. We *always* read them in order, the order that Emi set. We never deviate, as she will shake her hands at you and point to the right one! This is such a timeless classic, and the perfect baby gift (in my opinion). No nursery should be without this book. Jeff and I bought this while we were waiting for Miss Emi, and I just could not wait to share it with her. Perfect for any age.

A Mother for Choco - This is the second book in our bedtime reading. Interestingly enough, this was also a Christmas gift from Barbara (that gal has *great* taste in books!). I love how this book shows in such a wonderful way, another way that families can be made. That not everyone looks exactly the same, but that the love and fun is the same. A great early book for adopting families and also for introducing the concept of adoption to little ones. It continues to be one of our most favorite books. We have days when Emi will pull me into her room, because she wants to read this book. To me, that gives it a big thumbs up! (The publisher states that this is aged at 4-8. With the amount of text, I would agree that it's not a perfect fit for the younger set, but I feel most books can be introduced at a younger age with a bit of thinking. We get the concept of each page across and as time goes on, we will be adding back in. This book is too great not to have available to Miss Emi now. Your mileage may vary.)

Mama Do You Love Me - This is our final bedtime book. While it's a great book, I do think it's a bit over Emi's head. She flips pages faster than I can read them, so we don't use all the text, which is just fine as some of it is (at least I think) aimed at an older audience (spoiler: running away and staying out all night long with the wolves). But I love this:

I will love you, forever and for always, because you are my dear one.

Isn't that amazing? I could read this book just for that one sentence. But, Emi is very much a routine based child, and no amount of suggesting we read another book will change her mind. In fact, Choco was introduced to our bedtime routine with the idea that we'd switch this book for Choco and put this one into our big book box in the family room. But, Emi just rearranged the order in which we read her books, and added this to her stash. So, I won't be trying this idea for awhile or I can see us having 72 books in our bedtime routine!

P.S. To my regular readers, yes the Easter photos are still not on the post. They are still on the camera. Sigh, where does the time go? Soon, I promise!


Tracey said...

Great books - we enjoyed Jamberry very much when my girls were younger. So funny about the "strict" bedtime routine! My girls were the same way at that age - it all must be done in the exact same order every night!

Kathleen said...

Your little Emi is precious! And what a precious (sorry...can't think of another, different word!) bedtime bookstack! I definitely want to check some of these out for my littlest one!

The Happy Housewife said...

Great list! There are a few I haven't seen, hopefully my library will have some of them! Thanks for sharing.

Wendi said...

Great list! I've seen Jamberry on a bunch of lists today, I think I may have to check it out :)

Barbara said...

I'm so glad she loves them! They're both on my list for my little one someday so I hoped she would. :D

amy said...

this is way cool. i dont have any of these!!! Love it!

Controlling My Chaos said...

The only one we have is Jamberry and I agree, it's a great book.

Sherry said...

Some cute books! :D We still get to read together as a family but mine are older now. I miss some of these little books. :(

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Fun books for Miss Emi - glad you are getting your book time in. Books are my favorite thing to share with her age in particular! She'll always be darling!

n*stitches said...

OMGosh - i forgot all about jamberry! It was one of our daughter's first books and a definite favorite!! Thanks for the memory!

Louanne said...

The only one of those that we have is "A mother for Choco" and Nadia loves it!!

We have so many books I can't count them, plus at least 15 of so at a time from the library. Nadia has always been willing to sit through books and loves to read. And this was a prayer of mine while we waited which God has clearly answered.