Friday, March 27, 2009

She's Growing Up

... and I am not happy about it! Our sweet baby is turning into a little girl. I still remember the post that Magi wrote when she said her Sera was moving from baby to little girl and I was like "NO, don't say that, not yet!". And, she wasn't even mine. :) I know I've mentioned a time or a dozen, but watching Magi and Jim make their journey to get Miss Sera, and then watching her grow up has been a true inspiration to me. Their trip came at a perfect time in my life (hahaha - better, a perfect time in theirs!) for me to watch and read with baited breath for each new step, each new discovery, waiting for my (our) turn to go to China for our own sweet little darling.

So, this week has been a week of changes. First, I made the (huge) mistake on Monday of pointing out to Emi that her pants had polka-dots on them. Just like Polka-Dot on Blue's Room (the version of Blue's Clues for younger kids). Emi loves Polka-Dot and I thought it was cute. OH MY GOSH! In the middle of the night (two-ish, I think) she woke up with a sopping wet diaper, wet pants and bed. Jeff did what we usually do (since this is a rare thing these days), change the diaper (haha, duh), pants and then bring her into bed with us for the rest of the night. However, he didn't know about the polka-dot thing. And really, I didn't either. But she was sobbing, hysterically, and wouldn't let him put on the other pants. So he just brought her into our room and she leaped into my arms. We know she was trying to tell me what a big meanie her dad was, not letting her have her pants. And we can laugh now, but then....woooooee! That gal sure has a temper. I finally figured out what was going on, and remembered that we had a pair of leggings with polka-dots. I brought them in, turned the light on so she could see them and all was right with the world. Whew. She snuggled in tight with me, gave Jeff the hairy eyeball and went to sleep! That child! So, we have two pairs of polka-dot pants. They are now both sleep-gear. I am going to need to find more, open to suggestions as I have been quite unlucky to find anymore (the two I have are Gymboree and BabyGap).

She lived in those leggings all day Tuesday (changing diapers was interesting - I had to promise I'd put her pants back on and she had to hold them the entire time). I washed her other ones so that she had clean polka-dot pants to sleep in. Wednesday was speech therapy day and I was *so* sick of polka-dots! So while she was in the tub ... I hid them! Then after she got out we went into her room where I had her cute little jeans with the pink giraffe embroidered on them. She loves those and while they are too big (plumbers crack every time she bends over) at least they were clean and dot-free! I then said 'oh, and look at this cute shirt!' Oops. She waved me off and wanted something else. It was the Santa outfit. Okay, that wasn't going to fly. I redirected her attention, and then dressed her in the original pink shirt I had picked out.

But seriously, does anyone else think at not quite 25 months she's a tad young for this? Geesh! Help me now, lol.

And wait, there's more!

Wednesday while she was in the tub, I was trying to multi-task but stay in the bathroom. So she played and splashed and I did my hair (quickly, I might add, with the new and improved style!). After drying her and putting a diaper on, she picked up the comb and started 'drying' her hair! Thinking she'd wave me off, I got the dryer and started drying her hair ... she loved it! Who knew? What's next, makeup?

So, she's growing up - too fast. She has her opinions of things and while she may not yet be able to tell us with words, she more than makes up for it!

And then folks wonder what I do all day at home. Bon-bons, on the sofa, watching the soaps.



Debbie and Sam said...

Mine is all about pockets!!!! Has an absolute fit if we try to get her in "stretchy" pants. It is so crazy!!!! Whatis it going to be like in 10 years!!

Barbara said...

Will she accept other polka dot items in place of pants?

Polka Dot Pajamas:

Polka dot bear:

Lots of polka dot bows:

Polka dot purse, she can carry her books:

Magi said...

Just wait, it gets worse, or should I say better?

This morning I was trying to dress Sera. I'm staying home because I'm a bit under the weather, but wanted to get her dressed for Jim. The mornings get a bit hairy for him otherwise.

She absolutely refused to wear the pants I had out for her. She insisted they did not match the shirt because the shirt had leaves and the pants didn't. More importantly, they were not ballerina.

Just keep enjoying each stage. They end so quickly, but the next one is great, too.

Gina (Caleeo) said...

What's next, makeup? ummm, yes - if she sees you do it.

You need the book "Pajama Time" - they have a polka dot pair of pajamas in them. Every time we read the book she insists that she be wearing her polka dot pajamas. Thus far, I have convinced her that stars and flowers are polka dots.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm all about the bonbons. Just so you know. ;)

Louanne said...

I don't think 25 months is too young for this. Miss N has some had some serious attitude about stuff like this for a while now. This week it's been her cowboy boots. Her outfit today with them was entertaining. But it's Texas and everyone rolls with it.

Controlling My Chaos said...

No, two is not early. My youngest was like that and she hasn't changed one bit. Stinkerbell won't wear anything with bling.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh my... that is to cute...

Carla said...

Katie is all about JEANS. But yes, it started early here too. one day...perhaps they'll bow to our superior clothing ideas. LOL