Thursday, September 4, 2008

One Year Ago Today ...

... almost to the minute, I was sitting here at my desk, hoping, waiting, was today the day?

Today is the first anniversary of our referral day. The day we first saw Emi's sweet face. So many emotions were running through me that morning, and so many are doing the same today. I cannot believe it's really a year, it's gone so very fast.

Here are some of the notes we received about Emi while she was still in China, with the changes we've seen since she's been home with us since November 2007:
  • She is not in foster care, has spent her entire time in the SWI (social welfare institute, what we would call an orphanage).We found out that she was, actually, in foster care for about 2-3 months right before we received her. She was returned to the SWI a few weeks before we arrived.
  • She is a deep sleeper. Deep sleeper. No, I wouldn't go straight to deep. Although, when she wants to sleep she does. Right where she is. We have to watch her carefully for signs.
  • She is on formula, supplemented with steamed egg, rice soup (probably congee) and soy milk. Emi is still on formula, although we are tapering way down with the idea of having her completely off formula in the next few months. She was never fussy about temperatures or thick/thin consistency (fortunately, as I am sure our first bottles where not up to snuff!). While in China she would eat congee, but not a fav. She loved her steamed eggs and then ... she found food! She would (and still does) eat anything we put in front of her. Fav's still continue to be yogurt, fruits and vege's. But this gal does love starches like crazy. Except rice. Seriously. Plain white rice she will just toss on the floor. Loves wild rice though. And loves eating daddy's spicy foods. I am still the only wimp in the household with spicy.
  • She is active, fond of listening to music and playing with toys. Active? Active? More like non-stop movement at all times! Emi continues to be quite busy all the time and very involved with whatever she is doing. She still loves and adores all music, and has just recently started to dance whenever she hears it. Very cute. Her toys are her world, and if she is gone all day we always need to remember to allow time for her to play with them before we do anything else (like bed!).
  • She is closest to her caretaker (very good news!). We were so very fortunate that Emi had close bonds with her nannies and foster mom. Her transition to us was very smooth, and her bonding has been amazing. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that she has firmly attached to both Jeff and I. Lately, she has been instigating kisses and holding us tight around the neck. She will pull our faces to hers for kisses.

With her photos and the above information also came her measurements.

At the end of May (2007, she would have been just shy of 4 months) she weighed 5.2 kg (~ 11.4 pounds), and was 57.5 cm (~ 22.6 inches) long.

At her first doctor's appointment here in the States she weighed 17.8 lbs, was 27.2 inches long and her head was 42.5 cm.

At the end of August at her (late) 18 month well-baby visit, Emi weighed 23 lbs 9 oz, was 30 inches long and her head measured 46.8 cm.

We are thrilled with Emi's growth and development. But really, we are just thrilled with Emi. Emi continues to brighten our days, filling them with love and laughter. She is so curious and happy, a true love-bug.

A year ago today I thought was one of the happiest day of my life. Now, every day is. I have a wonderful, amazing, sweet, caring husband. And a sweet, gentle, crazy, happy, loving little girl who is our daughter.

Interesting, how life can change in an instant.


Gina (Caleeo) said...

Awesome post, I really liked your thoughts on that initial information from the SWI, what a great comparison.

A big congratulations on your referral anniversary. I too remember feeling it was the absolutely happiest day of my life. My how things change the minute they are placed in our arms!

Barbara said...

Kiy, Thank you for sharing this, it's fun to see how her personality has always shined through! :) Are you planning something special to celebrate?

Tracy said...

Isn't it amazing? As wonderful as referral day was, every day with our girls is so much more incredible!

CONGRATULATIONS and happy anniversary!

Jeff and Amy said...

Congrats on your 1yr, amazing how fast it has gone and what amazing new things each day brings!!!!!

Maddys Mom said...

Congrats on celebrating one year since referral! I love how you did your post.

Kiy said...

Thanks all!

Barbara, no, we didn't do anything special. We were going to go to our fav Chinese restaurant (the same one we went to on referral night) but Emi and I were pooped! We shopped 'til ya dropped all day. But now Emi has an almost complete fall wardrobe. Wish mama did! ;)

Cheers all, Kiy

Louanne said...

Yeah for Danger Girl coming into your life. So super cute!!!