Thursday, August 28, 2008

True Love

This last weekend I was whining telling Jeff, that I was out of tea. Completely. As in, NONE in the house. It’s almost an addiction, my love for Crystal Lite Peach Tea. I can, and will if I have to, drink plain water but since giving up all soda except for the very occasional treat, my tea is not to be messed with. Problem is, our grocery store doesn’t carry my flavor so it’s Target for my tea. When gently explaining all this to Jeff, he thoughtfully suggested that I might want to try some new flavors.

Well then.

After we settled that little issue, I did say that I could live through the weekend. I had a Target run planned for Monday or Tuesday and could get it then.

Jeff had a bunch of errands he wanted to run on Saturday. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t think taking Emi with him would make the trip out any faster. Heh. So I elected to stay home with Emi while Jeff ran his errands.

When he returned home, this is what he brought with him.

True love folks, right there in a Target shopping bag.

Of course, Emi commandeered them first and happily played for almost an hour with them. Jeff thought he had a twofer in that deal! Both his girls gloriously happy. And, he’s right.

What is the secret to a happy marriage? It’s the little things you do for each other. It really truly is.

Thank you honey. But I’m still not sharing any of my tea.


Barbara said...

I can so relate! I have a thing for Crystal Lite Raspberry Tea :) Emi looks happy, all it takes is a little imagination.

Louanne said...

Okay, that's just awesome! I love that peach tea too!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

What a guy!!! I am thinking he gets a few bonus points for that - and for understanding things after you patiently, gently explained them to him. :)

Must try the peach tea.

Janet said...

Just an observer on your blog (I'm a fellow adoptive mom) but had to comment about the CL Peach Tea! It's also my only beverage all day long, and I stockpile those puppies in earnest. My daughter now loves it but knows she can only sip from time to time. She calls it "tea pouch" and that name has kinda stuck with me, too. Advice: Don't let Emi try it.

Kiy said...

Janet, too late. She loves my tea but rarely gets it. I used it WELL watered down to help her make the change from drinking water from a bottle to a sippy. Now, it's straight water but she remembers. Especially every time I get mine out! :)

Thanks for stopping by, Kiy