Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Fence

We knew when we bought this house, that the fence was in dire (dire!) need of replacement. Our plan had been to work on this next summer (2009), but a wind storm in the early part of July changed our plans to this summer.

(Yeah, that first photo isn't great, but it *was* 1030pm, just after the fence fell. The second photo is the next day, after Jeff tore down what wasn't standing and stacked it, waiting on the fence folks.) We decided to replace only the part that had blown down now, with the idea that we'd finish the rest next summer. We have a *lot* of fence (ouch) so doing it in smaller chunks seems better on the checkbook.

While they were putting up the fence, Emi and I watched, while she played in her pool (it's an every-afternoon thing now, after all):

Nap time arrived. {How is it, as much as I love and adore Miss Emi, nap time is still a glorious time of day for me? Could it be that it's the only time I can zoom around the house and get things done or just put my feet up for five seconds?} :)

Sadly, not all goes as planned. Mom and I were on the phone during part of nap time when .... "Mom? Mom?" Oops. So I tried calling her back, she tried calling me back. Finally, she called my cell. After realizing that the land line was dead *and* I had no Internet I walked out to see what the fence guys were doing. Yep, you guessed it. They cut the lines. *CRY* After many calls back and forth, Verizon would try to have us back up and running by Friday afternoon. Try? Friday? Bah.

Funny how much one can get done around the house with no Internet. Heh.

But, we have our new fence 'section' and temporary phone/Internet (it might be a couple of weeks before Verizon can put everything back together, why does that not surprise me). The fence is darned tootin' pretty. It should be, it took me forever to make a decision and who knew choosing a fence could be so difficult? Here it is!

Here again, the first photo wasn't great, it's early here (about 6 am, don't ask ... the early morning alarm system went off at 5:12 am ... that would be Miss Emi). But the second photo is much better, and really shows the colors. But, see what I mean about beautiful? And the choices, all white (seemed too stark), all cream (seemed pretty darned blah), the white and cream (very pretty in my book). But then there was the top of the fence that needed deciding (the straight like we have here, no top rail (seemed unfinished to me, but looked more like a 'real' fence) oh and then wood or vinyl. I'm telling ya, the decision making was almost as trying as buying the house in the first place (we went with vinyl, btw ... no upkeep except to hose it down now and again, perfect for us un-handy types). But, it's done and the decision making is complete and won't have to be done when we are ready to complete the job. All we will have to do is call and say, come on over the checkbook stopped crying (hehe).

Maybe the next time they can do it without the added excitement of cutting phone/Internet lines.


amy said...

oh my gosh you have been busy.I love that sweet face!

Barbara said...

Well at least it's all done, and it looks beautiful. And you have internet again, YAY! ;)
She's so darling!