Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The House

Thank you for all the kind comments and emails. We are pretty excited about this move, and the job Jeff will have will be a bit more interesting - which is always a good thing.

We placed the house on the market last Monday, had two showings on Tuesday, and first thing Wednesday morning had a call from our awesome Realtor ... there was a bid on our house!
Oh. My. Gosh.

Breathe, Kiy. Breathe.

Once I got myself together I quickly called Jeff and we decided to accept the offer. Just like that, we sold our house. In today's market that's not something to sneeze at.

And just like that I no longer have to worry about keeping a toddler home neat and polished. Wow. We were so worried that it wouldn't sell quickly (at all?) and we were leaving here regardless. We are so lucky, and have been quite lucky every time we've sold a house. But then, we aren't greedy and don't try to squeeze the last few dollars for our homes. We listen to our Realtors, price it as they suggest and sell pretty quickly.

Our departure date is set (September 13th) and for anyone (else) counting the days, that is 39 very short days away. We have lots to do in a very short time. We do not, however, have to pack! Sweet! We *think* the packers are coming Sept 8-9-10, leaving us the 11th and 12th for closing on the house, cleaning and general scurrying around. Should be fun, if a bit crazy.

Jeff already has our temporary quarters all lined up for Aiken, and our temp living arrangements here for that week are set so that two things off the to do list. So, that's the news so far on the house.

Getting excited about the drive! (Well, I am. Not so sure about Jeff, I know Max isn't, and Emi has no clue. She just knows there's lots going on and she's sure it's all about her!

P.S. For those that know me well, I am not usually big on n*ked baby pictures. However, the day our Realtors came by to put up the sign we had just come in from playing outside (in the icky, sticky hot) and I had just popped Emi out of the bath. We were watching out the window, but she HAD to be part of it. I was afraid they'd be done before I got some clothes on her. She was so cute with the sign, they had to take pictures - and here's the one they sent me. Too darned cute! (The second photo is the best one - even though there isn't a sweet little cherub in the photo. Under Contract .... whoooohooo!)


a Tonggu Momma said...

VERY cute photo! And be careful to empty your trashcans when the packers come... otherwise they may actually pack your trash. It happened to us! Heh.

Gina (Caleeo) said...

What lovely photos! I know what you mean about naked baby photos - I have tons, but they almost never make it to the blog. Of course, there are days that I think that if I do not take pics of O while she is in some state of undress, I will have no pictures at all.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Congratulations on selling your home so quickly! Selling a house is never fun.

Magi said...

It is amazing you sold your home so quickly. My sister has had hers on the market for over a year.

You have your work cut out for you, but having the house sold has to take a huge burden off your shoulders.

We've now made the round-trip drive from Indiana to Utah twice. Last year when Sera was two, and this year at three. Last year, we spread the drive over three days trying to limit our car time as much as possible. We stopped often at rest stops to let her run around and made plans for our overnight stops like the zoo or a baseball game. This year it was a last minute trip on a tight schedule, so we ended up spending far too much time in the car on each leg. The one thing that saved us on both trips was the dvd player. I can't even imagine taking her on a long trip without it now. That and a good pair of headphones so we didn't have to listen to the 17th consecutive airing of Cinderella made it all good.

And yes, remember to breathe. :O)

Aunt LoLo said...

Great photo...and TM is right. Make sure you throw away EVERYTHING you don't want packed. There was some scrap wood in our garage, left by the previous owners..now it's in our garage. In Connecticut.
Oh, and save those huge sheets of paper they'll wrap everything in - they're PERFECT for toddler painting projects and tracing out sewing patterns!

The Source said...

And when you finally get down here, you're gonna give me a call so we can have lunch...right? :)

Glad your house sold so quickly!!

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Congratulations - time to get serious about packing!!! That also means it's my turn now for our house to sell! LOL I packed 3 more boxes last night myself.

Anonymous said...

Very good news!!!

We do the same and always seem to sell fairly fast in our area as well (always less than a month, but never less than 3 days!). ;)

Whimsical Creations said...

WOOT WOOT! Congrats!! Did you say Aiken? My parents lived there a couple winters. We went and visited them a couple times. A beautiful place!!

Louanne said...

That is amazing how fast it sold. Sometimes the naked baby thing is cute, although they may not like us for it later. LOL.