Monday, April 27, 2009

I was featured!

Okay, first off ... for those that get this in a reader format, yes I messed up and published this before writing my post. Blame it on this nasty spring cold I have, or the fact that I just hit the enter button instead of the tab. Both would be correct.

So Friday, on day I so needed it, I got a wonderful email. It was from Kirsty over at momedy. She is a new find for me, I can't even remember how I found her, but I see by her followers list, we have many bloggy friends in common. She does something called Featured Friday Follower. What she wrote about me was so sweet and kind. She gave me a smile on a day I didn't really have one. Kirsty, thank you, so very much!

Okay, so you ask why Kiy, who almost always has a smile, didn't have one? Couple of things. First, the above mentioned cold was just starting. I hate being sick (who doesn't?) and I was feeling sorry for myself. I kicked my own butt about that, whined a bit to Jeff (poor guy) and while I am still feeling totally crappy the boo-who-me is gone. I also finally made the decision to not take a trip I had been working on all week. I was going to take Emi on another train ride, to the Mall of America and the Minneapolis Zoo. We were going to splurge on a sleeper car and it was going to be fun fun fun. Sadly, I dithered too long and the only price I could (sorta) live with had us leaving Sunday (last) night. As it was then Friday, I didn't know if I could pull off the packing and scurrying around in time. Then the cold hit, so the decision was basically taken out of my hands. I still wanted to go, so was back to the poor-me. Gesh, what a whiner! lol

There is also something going on that I am not free to talk about yet, but will be resolved either way this week. It's been going on for the last two-plus months, but it's come to a head and the decision has been made. Once it's official, I will feel I can blog about it. But last week it was still a mess and it's been messing with me. Again, boo-who-Kiy. Snap out of it gal! Enough already!

Okay, I really am laughing at myself. I am feeling sorta better today and woke up with a whole new attitude. Also, if you are not a regular reader of the Monday Musings, follow this link and read them! I have to say, the ones that I've had time to read so far really helped my mind-set. Positive happy thoughts, good vibes, wonderful quotes. I figure if they could help pull me out of my funk, maybe they could put a smile on someone elses face too!

Off to play with Miss Emi and simply, be. I need to remind myself that it's the simple things that bring the biggest joys. Watching her play makes my heart smile.


Barbara said...

If you take a train ride to Minneapolis you tell me!!!! Ok! Because I will find a way/day/time whatever to get out there and spend some time with you and Miss Emi! Actually you may be wanting to spend time with family and not have me crashing your party, but seriously I'd love to meet you so keep me in mind :)

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Sorry about the cold and about the lack of resolution on the other stuff. Glad your spirits are higher today.

Hope to "talk" more soon. I almost called while we were gone since I had no internet connection and I was just about to lose it one day. As always, more to come...

Controlling My Chaos said...

I'm sorry you're in a funk and not feeling well. I hope whatever it is that is weighing heavy on your mind resolves itself in a positive way soon.

You need to do something fun. I am so jealous that you live by the Mall of America? I'm coming to visit you right now. Get ready for me.

I went to a Creative Memories convention in Minneapolis 18 months or so ago, and the Mall of America was the highlight of our trip. The girls still talk about it and ask when we can go back. We spent a good twelve hours in the amusement park alone and what a blast.

Controlling My Chaos said...

I'll even bring cake if it'll help. :)