Saturday, January 3, 2009


Seems everyone is making them and posting them, so I thought I would too. Except that I don't usually make resolutions so this is a stretch for me. My good friend Barbara *really* went all out (she says she didn't but whoa!), but I am not going to go crazy.

I am making one.

Yep, that's it. Don't get blown away.

I am NOT going on a diet. But then what am I going to do? I am changing my diet. And really, that's a big distinction right there. A very good friend is getting married in October (see this post) so I'd really like to look nice in my dress. No, don't get me wrong, I don't have the dress yet but I'd love to look nicer in whatever dress I do get than I would look in it today. But, this change is not all about looks. I need to get healthier, seriously healthier. I was on a great track last year but by summer had started sliding. I need to get back to that place, back to eating healthy, making better food choices and (gasp) working out.

My new rule: If I am watching a reality show (my big not-so-secret vice) I must be on the recumbent bike. That could seriously add up to big minutes, if I hold myself to it. I really do like to ride it. It's fun, you can program it for different rides or just ride along doing whatever speed you want. There is no reason I haven't been riding it, except pure laziness and the fact that there are still nights when I go to bed shortly after Emi does. I think if I were to lose more of this weight and get the exercise I need, I wouldn't be exhausted at the end of the day. Win win all the way around.

I am also really enjoying the Wii, but the only game I like on the cd that comes with it is the bowling (and, those that know me know how I loathe bowling - but it's actually FUN on the Wii! And no ugly shoes, bonus!). Gina and Jill gave me some ideas for get-your-butt-off-the-couch games, but I'd love to hear if anyone has more ideas! Please, email me or leave them in the comments. The Wii is going to be a big part of this lifestyle change. Oh, and we don't have WiiFit yet, mainly as you can't find it anywhere. That and we'd have to wring the checkbook something fierce right now, but in a couple of months I bet it's doable on both fronts. So, suggestions for both Wii and WiiFit would rock! (Or, um, do you not need games for WiiFit? I am a newb!)

I haven't really outlined yet exactly what I am going to do. Make small changes that add up to larger ones. Do things and make changes that I can (and will) really live with because if I don't, I won't follow through. I will probably start addressing these changes in my weekly menu plans as that will keep me focused and on track.

Jeff and Emi will also be on this new changing of the diet thing. Emi not so much, as I am pretty careful about her diet. And really, why is it I can pull this off for her and not for me? Jeff says he could stand to loose a few pounds, so he's on board. I have tried WW in the past, but the whole counting points thing just ticks me off. Takes too much time and I blow it off. That and the fact that Emi is never going to sit through a meeting. But I did learn some good things when I was in WW, and that is what I am taking with me.
  • Write everything down, everything
  • Drink 6-8 oz of water a day (I pretty much do this already)
  • Cut out soda (did this over a year ago, soda is now a big treat for me)
  • More fruits and vege's
  • Less red meat (this is a change we made last year and it's stuck, red meat is a rare occurrence now)
  • Portion control
  • Let me repeat that ... portion control
The last point is an important one. It's one I struggle with and probably my biggest stumbling block. I also love sweets, but I am going to watch those much more carefully too. I am not cutting them out, or that will last a week or so and then I will be back to what I was doing before. Small changes, small steps. I think that will be my phrase this year.

Small changes, small steps.


Lythrum said...

I actually have a similar plan to you this year Kiy. I'm not going on a diet, however I am going to change mine. Now that I have my baby girl I don't want to let my weight hold back either me or her from doing anything. And I want to be around her for as long as possible. :) Good luck on your resolutions!

Grand-Bag said...

glad to hear the WII is up and running-so by the time I get there you have it mastered. I like you being the trial-and-error person.
Halo--bright and shinning

The Singer said...

You think you have to look good in your dress by October? What about me!!! :-) Portion control is the biggest stumbling block for me, too -- I find it really hard to allow myself just "a treat" of something I enjoy that's bad for me, and the next thing I know that whole bag of potato chips is gone. Very little will power. But I'm working on it. The next step is to get back to the gym -- we were doing well for awhile, then Serdic went to Texas and then it was the holidays, and we got out of the habit. Sigh.

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

It all sounds like rational, doable and admirable changes. My positive thoughts are with you!

Jill Scott said...

It looks like you have a good plan, Kiy. I share your goals and feelings about a regimented program like Weight Watchers. I simply don't diet. Good luck!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

You need to give the tennis a fair shake - it is good exercise and pretty fun once you get the hang of it. Baseball, on the other hand, well, lets just say it's hard for me. The boxing is a really, really good workout - I think there is one in the training section that is especially good.

Great idea re: tv watching - I need to do something like that as well.