Sunday, May 18, 2008

Love and Giving

A roomful of toys, her favorite show on and what is Emi doing? Sitting in my lap, staring into my eyes, gently playing with my hair and cupping my face in her tiny chubby hands. Does life really get any better than this? It really is true love.

{Of course, one should note that what Emi was really trying to do was to distract me so that she could get to my diet Dr. Pepper that I wasn't sharing. Silly mama, not wanting Danger Girl with caffeine running through her bloodstream!}

The last few days I have had quite a few folks tell me how lucky Emi is that we adopted her. I try to explain that no, we are the lucky ones. I cannot even begin to imagine our life without this little gal in it. Actually, that's not right, I can. I can remember waiting and wondering, with empty arms. Looking at a spare bedroom wondering if we'd ever make it into a room for a baby girl. I am so very thankful that Emi is ours, and we are hers. She brightens our days, and makes our life happy.

All of this is a lead up to what is going on in China. Of course, we have been reading and watching the news about the earthquakes in China. Emi's SWI, Fuling in Chongqing, was spared although there is some concern over the new building that is being worked on. We are hopeful that there is no structural damage and that construction can continue. We are so worried about other areas of China, there is so much need. I have a couple of friends who have also blogged about this and they have wonderful links to ways to help, should anyone be looking for ways to do so and KNOW that it is really going for those in need. Our choice is Love Without Boundaries, but there are others doing good also. Check them out:


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Louanne said...

People tell us all the time how lucky we are and we try to tell people the same thing. That WE are the ones who are blessed and privledged to have this wonderful child as a part of our family.