Friday, February 8, 2008

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Happy Chinese New Year! We have now officially started the Year of the Rat.

We had a great day yesterday, the official day of Chinese New Year. We attended a pot luck luncheon at daddy's work ... got all dolled up in the cutest little outfit (that I forgot to take a picture of, drat it all!). She charmed the whole room and had a grand time. Then, she and I went to get the car washed, to Target and then the dollar store. Quite a day!

After all our shopping it was time to pick up daddy and head to dinner. A new P.F. Chang's has opened here and we had heard great things, so we decided to go there instead of our fav Chinese restaurant, which is so far away. I have to say, it was "okay". What I didn't get was ... give us wonderfully beautiful chopsticks ... without sticky rice?! Give that up and use a fork. What a bummer. I had Orange Peel Chicken (that Emi and I shared) and Jeff had a lamb dish that he said was quite good. Mine was fine, but I was expecting it to be fabulous. Also, could they possibly pack any more people into that place? We think next time, we will go there for lunch. I am going to go on their web site to see if there is a comments area. I realize living in Japan made me spoiled, but we now only eat sticky rice - even at home! (After writing this, it got me to wondering. Maybe sticky rice is a Japanese thing and not a Chinese thing? More research!)

But, it was a nice evening and we were happy we did something special. Especially as we have had to cancel our trip to Bainbridge Island this weekend. With both mountain passes (and I-90!) closed between here and there due to snow and avalanche worries, guess we are going to stay home and hang out here. Maybe next year.

Hope this year is prosperous, healthy and filled with good luck.


Gina (Caleeo) said...

I certainly understand being underwhelmed by PF Changs. To me, it is just saucier strip mall Chinese with higher prices.

Louanne said...

I love the PF changs here and their fast food Pei Wei. BUT I must admit it's because they guarantee no MSG. And when you have the kind of reaction to it that I goes a long way. It's the only place I can eat spring rolls without getting sick.

P.S. I always get the Mongolian Beef at PF Changs. Honey Soy Sauce Chicken at Pei Wei.